Friday, August 08, 2008


Yeah me... There's not too much to tell this fine evening. It seemed a little cooler today, maybe. I am really just bored to death and playing around on MySpace. Been a long week, glad it's Friday and just don't have much else to say.

Hope you guys all had a good week, sorry to leave you with 'Grump Day', I plan on posting more over the weekend though, instead of skipping the weekend, but it will probably be later tomorrow.

I could possibly do the voice podcast again, is anyone interested in listening in to that?

Holla... :)


PS: Don't forget this is WTF Friday.


Freakazojd said...

Absolutely - will this voice podcast involve you singing? And/or revving your motorcycle? Because both of those things would be AWESOME. Hope you're feeling better tomorrow!

BBC said...

We had a few nice days but now it's cooled off again. 64 degrees and looking like rain. I hope the weather is good next week when Cher and I go camping at the spiritual gathering.

But even if it is raining like hell I'm still going, I have plenty for protection from the rain.

I'm just a one man camping expert.

Have a great weekend hon.

Anonymous said...

i'm with freakazojd! i wanna hear your bike!
and owt else that takes your fancy.

Kenski said...

Definitely... and you should do a request for contributions. I'd gladly strap a mic to my Vespa if that'd help?!?

I've always wanted to dabble in the whole podcasting arena but a) the sound of my own voice freaks me out and b) it sounds like hard work!