Thursday, August 14, 2008

Smoke And Sunsets

I love the smell of smoke from a fire... Riding down the road, freshly cut grass, people grilling, burning things, campfires, just smells like heaven to me... That is one thing I am definitely going to miss about the summer... not the heat, but the scents. Fall is still going to be great for the smell of smoke and all though. You know, people camping out, possibly still cooking out on their grills.

Since I have had to somewhat "Park" Jimi because he needs to have his 600 mile service done, and I don't wanna go too many miles over the 600, then I elected to drive around on Mr. J's bike yesterday... He hasn't put on nearly as many miles as I have, so he needs some help.

Therefore, off I went on his VTX 1300, such a balanced, smooth bike if I do say so myself. I almost wish I had gotten the 1300 instead of the 1100--but I have NO complaints about Jimi, he is the ultimate... and turns heads everywhere! So, anyway, I rode for a while, and just couldn't help but get slightly emotional on my way home, coming up the highway, cool breeze blowing, smoke and honeysuckle... I looked over and spied a beautiful sunset, just awesome! Beautiful pink and crimson colors, and vibrant 'popcorn' shaped little clouds scattered throughout the jeweled dusk sky... It was like being inside an oil painting.

I didn't want to go home :)


Jay said...

Nice visual description of your ride Jaxxx.

g-man said...

I could see it too. (and smell it) Go EZ rider go. :)

BBC said...

Yeah, I used to love long rides also, and when my last wife started getting cranky I would set her ass on the back of the bike and take off.

She loved that, but after about 7 hours start bitching she was hungry, I told her I don't know many times to stick her face out around me because I was getting all the bugs and wasn't hungry at all.

Anyway, Cher will arrive in about two hours on the ferry so I had better take a nap before I go pick her up.

She needs a "ME" weekend really bad and I can give her that.

Kenski said...

There's not that much nice to smell riding around London, but I do always try to go over Westminster Bridge as there's a guy on there who roasts nuts and coats them in caramel on a stall. Quite the heavenly smell.

BBQs, though... mmmm...

hurling frootmig said...

theres nothing better than straping your lid on, cranking the engine and going for a spin!
i can easily put a good couple of hundred miles under me by just "popping out for an hour"
and i always feel better and refreshed after.
cracking post mrs!

Aunt Jackie said...

Jay! Thanks man... I wish I could give you a lift on my bike hee hee!

G-man! I try to illustrate my feelings and experiences as detailed as possible :)

BBC! How could she ever complain on the back of a bike?? hehe... Will you stop it with the bugs? I'm going to express mail you to the Olympics. You will be very comfy with the food choices there... LOL!

Kenski! Wow that sounds very Olfactory-pleasing if I do say so myself... I don't know how London smells, maybe I will get to find out one day. :)

Hurling! Thanks for popping in again, I must get around to see you! I feel ya on the "out for an hour" deal... I could just keep riding, and I'm glad you guys enjoyed my post!

Jimi gets his oil change and service tomorrow! Then I'll be hitting the road even MORE! :)