Monday, August 11, 2008

Cruel Cruel Summer

Although it has been a slight bit cooler lately than it was last week, summer is still hanging around like the biggest loser at a party where people have given "having fun" their all, but are all about to give up and go driving home plastered (but not quite plastered enough) all because of 'that annoying loser' who ruined the night.

It's just time for a season switch. I'm ready... I couldn't be more ready for fall.

I've been going through these blah's, ills and down-low's often lately, which I attribute to the weather and the season, but maybe it has just been a tiny bit of 'blog burnout'. Almost like 'Montezuma's Revenge" for bloggers. (Yeah, probably a bad analogy--ooh that was almost like 'anal' haha!!)

It happens to us all, and I am just not one to totally give-in and take the BIG BREAK that some opt to. I continue to hang on, and try hard to think of something to post, afraid of giving up, or maybe afraid if I stop I will stop altogether. Don't get me wrong, I'm still enjoying it, and would be writing out things on my own, even if it were just on paper because writing relaxes me. So I am still not "taking a break", I might just be lax a day or two, here or there... that seems to refresh me enough. Gonna keep on doing it until I really feel that its run its course... that might be months, years or just forever. Who knows! :)

I'm at a point right now, it seems, where I don't really know how I feel sometimes, and don't know what I want to do, but need a change of pace, or a vacation, or something. It's being sick of SSDD ("Same Shit, Different Day"), and I know I have the power to make the change, but just can't seem to get in gear. Schedules push me one day to the next, and still I can't seem to get to everything I want to get to before the day/week/month/year is over with... It just kinda sucks.

Yet I waste alot of time online sometimes, but that's also what I do for a living is work with the web... so whata'ya gonna do...

Geez that is just a bummer re-reading the above... This post needs some perverted humor, such as a few "Playboy Party Jokes"... Here are a couple ok ones... Sorry guys. I'll be back tomorrow for the WWC by Tink with this week's words, "Scatter" and "Collect". Not sure I'm ready, but we'll see.

Also, I'll be gettin back around to your blogs soon, just been tough the last few days.

Ok, anyways without further adieu, here are the jokes:

Two doctors were putting on the ninth green
when one collapsed from a heart attack. "Help
me," he groaned to his companion.
"Sorry, my malpractice insurance won't cover
it," his partner replied, walking off the green,
"but I'll get help."
A few minutes later, he returned, picked up his
club and began lining up hit putt. The man on
the ground raised his head and screamed in
Disbelief, "I'm dying and you're putting?"
"Don't worry. I found a doctor on the second
hole who said he'd come and help."
"The second hole? When the hell is he coming?"
"Hey, I told you not to worry," he said, stroking
his put. "They're going to let him play through."

Here's a dirty one... sorta...
A guy walks into a bar carrying an 18" alligator.
The bartender says, "What do think you're doing? Get that goddamn thing out of here. I don't allow pets in my establishment".
The guy tries to explain. "Look he won't cause any trouble. He's well trained and I'll prove it". He then proceeds to put the alligator on the bar and says, "open".
The alligator open its mouth and you can see all of its razor sharp teeth. "Now watch this", he says and proceeds to remove his penis through his zipper and lays his balls gently onto the alligator's teeth.
He then orders a beer and proceeds to drink it. All the while the alligator keeps its mouth open and nothing happens. After finishing the beer the man gently removes his penis and puts it back into his pants.
He then says, "close" and the alligator closes its mouth. "You see he is perfectly trained. He would do that for anybody. Does anyone want to try?"
After looking around he finally here a drunk whose sitting at table say "Sure I'd like to try. But I don't know if I can keep my mouth open that long."

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Jay said...

Those jokes are hilarious!

I got the words wrong this week. Crap! :-(