Tuesday, August 19, 2008


It is both "Bitter" and "Sweet" when I have to announce that I am not participating in the Weekly Words Challenge (WWC) with Tink. I simply have had a case of 'photo-laziness' the last few days, chocked between other duties that threw me off track, and a decent lack of subject matter.

I take the subject matter excuse back, there is never a lack of subject matter, it depends on how wide you open your eyes. Ok, so I have probably been squinting! :)

Anyways, I will plan to get back in the WWC next go 'round, which will be NEXT week (Tue), with Tink's words, "Sour" and "Salty".

A Lovable Hoax

Also... do you ever just get pelted with the same old "Forward" e-mails with some annoying warning about something, and you have them 50 times each?? Well, I'm sure by now, everyone knows about Snopes. This is probably the best lil' site I have seen that breaks down the "Hoax", and will tell you if anything valid was found in the hoax, what's real and what's not essentially.

When sending these forwards to everyone on your list, it would be really great of people to just take 2 minutes to check online to see if it is true or indeed a known hoax. In fact, I'll give my readers a head start. I found a page in their site that lists:

The Top 25 Hottest Urban Legends.

I bet you've read most and probably "hit forward" on a few.

Good read. Good day. :)


Anonymous said...

Bittersweet Lane? I'd say you played along very well!

Snopes is in my favorites. I don't know why people still send me stuff without checking first. Of course, some of those fwds try to get around it by including the words, "I checked it out on snopes" as if that makes what is being said actually true. I still check. But mostly I just delete!

Anonymous said...

I hate forwards and never open any them.They get deleted as soon as I see them in my box.

JINKS said...

Hi Auntie,

Thanks for clueing us in on all of this crazy stuff. I get tired of it as well, and went to the site and remember at least getting 6 or 7 of those in the past. Poor Ashley Flores, she's been around the world for years.
What really gets me is the superstitious e-mails...send this to 10 friends in 2 minutes or risk gaining 100 pounds or 7 years of bad luck.....puleeez.