Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'll Have Seconds Please!

Tomorrow is my 2nd "Blogiversary". That's right, Deep In The Forrest turns 2 years old. Hard to believe... they grow up so fast.

Anyways, due to the funeral today and I'll be 'AFK' for a while, I thought "No Time Like The Present" to start the celebrations early.

I can never forget my very first Blog visitor, or official anyroad, he is a fantastic Bloke, one of the funniest I know, and does the greatest "foot in" shots I've ever seen... Thanks and congratulations to BARNZE!!. You've been there from the beginning of the Forrest, and I appreciate you. I know you read and come by when you can... You ROCK!!

Come on everybody give us all some applause!!!


So following in our genius, good ol' pal, Corky's footsteps, I'd like to propose a COMMENT CHALLENGE. Let's just see how many comments my Blogiversary post can get! Come on guys, I don't ask for much usually, and I haven't bitched about Comments in a long time... In honor of The Forrest's Big "2", let's rise to the occasion!! Anddd.... GO!!!

Please remember to have some cake before you go... thanks again, and I love you all! :) xoxo -AJ


Jay said...

Happy Blogiversary! I'll bring the beer if someone will make sure the dancing girls are there. ;-)

g-man said...

Happy 2. :)

Did Jay say dancing girls? I'm in.

That cake looks awesome!

I get to be your 2nd commenter on your 2nd blogiversary . :)

Aunt Jackie said...

Thanks Jayman! I live in Memphis "Baby Sin City" so-to-speak, I'll just bring the entire staff of "The Pony" with me lol!

G-man! Great! Yes, it looks delish doesn't it?? You are very special to be the Second poster on my Second blogiversary... gotta be a prize in there somewhere eh??

Come on folks... keep those comments flowing!!!

Barnze said...

Two years eh..Blimey it dont seem that long ago that i stumbled into your bit of the interweb..keep on keeping on i say.