Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Scattered Collections (WWC)

We made it to Weekly Words Challenge (WWC) day. Brought to us as always by the fabuloso "Tink" of Pickled Beef.

The words for this week, once again, are "Scatter" and "Collect". I am barely floating along the lines of acceptable entries this week, but on the up side I brought it in the form of a slide show once again. Here we go!! Weeeeeeee!

Click Here If You Can't View Slide Show

Ok, once again I will be trying to catch up with each of your blogs asap. Just have alot to catch up on. Hope you guys enjoyed the photos, such as they are.

We'll see you again tomorrow... hopefully it won't be "grump day" again! :)


Jay said...

Those butterfly pics are amazing!

Glad nobody thought to shoot the deer. haha ;-)

Reb said...

Lovely photos, beautiful butterflies. That is a pretty young deer too.

Anonymous said...

My favorite one? "They perch on the loveliest blooms, Collecting Pollen!" That closeup shot is GORGEOUS!

We have 3 young fawns that frollic in the meadow across the road. One in particular is a bit fearless. He's fun to watch. :)

hurling frootmig said...

thats some back garden you mum has!

g-man said...

I agree that the butterfly ones are spectacular. My camera has problems with the purple in the irises, the color on yours was great.

JINKS said...

beautiful just beautiful

Tink said...

How did I miss this post? I love the butterfly pictures. The colors are amazing, girl. I'm so envious of your Mom's property. To see deer right outside the window- I can't even imagine!