Tuesday, August 05, 2008

High And Low (WWC)

We all have highs and lows, right? Every day is a winding road... as Sheryl Crow might say. But for today, the words "High" and "Low" are left up to the interpretation of the photographers, and their viewers... Because it is WWC Time With Tink again!. Let's see what we can do.

Once again, I'm a little slack and have to revisit a couple older photos. But these are mostly new. I am not bragging though, I don't think they're that cool... :)

Had to get down really LOW to take this one.

Gross and Noe (rhymes with "Low")
[and probably what they get told when asking someone on a date]

Clouds High In the Sky

This is How I Get High... My Music!!!

Off In The Distance, an Odd "High Rise"

To drive under this sign, your trailer can't be TOO High...

More Clouds High In The Sky, Plus A High Pole

Revisiting my sign for "The High Road"...

Out this window, you'll notice you are up quite high

Another View from Up High

Don't Worry, I Only Look High...


Jay said...

LOL .. Rocking out to David Bowie while not getting high. I didn't know that sober people still listen to Bowie. hahaaha

Great pics Jaxxx!

Anonymous said...

I like "The High Road" :)

Maybe we all have summer malaise?

BBC said...

If that is the song I think it is that is a great song. But it may not be.

Got up to 92 here today, that is hot for here. I'm enjoying it, won't last long, good excuse to get naked and stand in the yard so the sun can worship me.

Guess camping trips are highs for me, and Cher's birthday bash definitely was.

Reb said...

Great shots. I like Bowie! Love the photos from up high, is that downtown Memphis? Gotta take the high road ;)

Fortune Cookies said...

Great shots,especially High Road but I think my fav. Only Look High! ;)

JINKS said...

massive doobie Jax.....lol, just kidding.....enjoy a good cigar myself from time to time..... my favorite pic.