Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fat Wednesday

As always, I'm a day late and a dollar short, so I call today "Fat Wednesday". :) And why not, I feel fat today, and there are plenty of fat people around the world, so it is declared.

I thought about it when I saw This Article About A 44-Pound Tabby Cat (who I believe was or is up for adoption). From reading around the net, it appears that Cat Diabetes Is Becoming A Weighty Problem.

So, whether you love or hate cats (or others), CHILL--all animals deserve to be well taken care of, and kept safe from harm. If you are in the market for a new pet, don't forget it is so much better to Adopt A Pet instead of buying from pet stores and all. And once you own one, keep it safe and give it lots of love and care... PLEASE!

There are so many stories we hear every day of animal abuse, true horror stories. I must say that anyone who would do such cruel deeds to helpless creatures should be given the same type of justice. "Eye for an Eye" I say... whether human or animal... I know alot of strong feelings surround this subject, and by no means am I some 'crazy ol' weirdo' in this regard, but I just felt the urge to voice opinion.

Another reason, and something that I nearly forgot (again), was that my 'b.f.f' and I recently had been discussing a case that happened this last year, for a horse called "Tequila". Seems that innocent Tequila was caught in a love triangle and dragged to her death behind a truck as revenge by a man. It was a sick, and horrible case--It happened in Tippah County, Mississippi.

The only article I Can Find On Tequila The Horse Is
Here (

Oh wait, the article by a Memphis news station WREG is Here (12/18/07). Last we've heard... that is JUST SAD... the man who dragged the horse was supposedly taken to court, and the news ran a couple of stories on it and then we never heard anything else. I for one, am hoping justice was or will be served to this low-life asshole. How could it be simply washed to the wayside?? If anyone has heard about this, or knows any updates, please contact me. My friend and I would love to go further and find out if the guy got off scot-free, or is being prosecuted. If not, he well should be... I guess that is all I will say about that just now.

On an up note... ummmm, ok well gimme a minute...

Yes... oh, well--I'm sorry, I tried... I'm broke, payday is 2 days away, I'm tired, can't focus and not able to get any real work done so far this week... or that's the way I feel anyroad! I have nothing very uplifting to bring to light... I really should at least try to put up a funny cartoon or video maybe to give you guys at least a laugh! For sure!

How about this, I was watching t.v. last night, and there was a special on about "Cuttlefish". Seems they are the most amazing "Shapeshifters" and "Camouflagers" of the sea, or even elsewhere! Their skin does some amazing stuff... Here is One Video Of The Cuttlefish.

Nature is just amazing...

How can you not love animals, the miracles of nature and the universe??

Crazy as it is.


Jay said...

I don't understand people who abuse animals. That's just pathetic.

I don't hate cats, but I'm allergic to them. They looooooove me though.

hurling frootmig said...

ah cuttlefish!
my parrot loves it.

people who abuse or mistreat animals should suffer a punishment in line with what they did, be it starving to death, or living in cramped conditions having to wade through thier own excrement.

not commenting on the fat side of this post.