Monday, July 07, 2008


What to do... hmmm, weekend recap?

Thursday nightmare: Richie started drinking margaritas early, after work, and an argument ensued with a good friend of mine over something that was said. It turned into a bad night, and I felt awful for this friend having to go through it since I only wanted to have a little coffee and some girl chat... But that's why I just lovvveeee alcohol. You never know what kind of hell it will put you through before the night's over. We made it through that, fortunately. I don't quite want to go into all the details of the ridiculous causes, I'm just sorry it was such a bad night for everyone involved and all. So... some other time perhaps.

Friday, the 4th was spent pleasantly at my parents' house... we had a nice visit, and had my Mom's catfish... rather impromptu and doubly delicious. She cooked it on the fly kind of, and we enjoyed it, even though it was too late to eat dinner probably. It was the 4th, I deserved a little happiness... right?? :)

Once again, we had a good gig Saturday night, my band played two sets, and we had 1 band opening up for us, they had a cool sound. I guess we might do more gigs and try to really get into the swing of it... at least that's what the plan is at the moment. I had a fun time Saturday night.

Sunday was spent recuperating... just with the late night, I had to laze around and just recharge. Richie and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings with the intention of catching the UFC fight between Memphis' own Quentin "Rampage" Jackson and Forrest Griffin... except they weren't playing the repeat of the fight, so we ended up eating and playing trivia... I beat Richie's score in the first round, and the second game I lost to him due to the fact that I screwed around with the menu on the controller, and got myself accidentally logged off, and unable to start on time a system malfunction with the game controller. ;)

That about catches us up, and now we have Monday looming. Hooray for that... I'll catch you guys in the funny papers.


Further on up the road said...

Oh how I remember well those days when alcohol gave me an opinion I'd never thought about really and an ability to tell everyone and anyone exactly what is was and how they were so wrong.

Bloody miracle I never got killed at times :-)

Do you know - these days I go out, do whatever, listen to people I like, agree with, enjoy or don't like, don't agree with etc. I still come home and nothing stressful has generally happened. That is worth a lot to me you know.

Jay said...

Don't you just hate those stupid technological malfunctions?? Stupid technology. Happens to me too often too.

I like happy drunks myself. You know the type that have a couple of drinks and then they're laughing and happy and all lovey-dovey and stuff. Yeah, those are good drunks.

BBC said...

I love my booze but I never drink so much that I allow it to control my life and make problems for me.

If I didn't drink I would maybe find more time to get more things done but I've gotten to the point to where I don't give a fuck if they get done or not.

My little world is okay the way it is and I don't need it all fancy and all that shit. It's the bigger picture that drives me nuts.

captain corky said...

Glad you had a good Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Alcohol does tend to complicate situations sometimes, but I can't help but love the stuff.

Tink said...

Mmm. Catfish. There's a place down the street that catches them out their back door and then sells them all battered and fried. SO GOOD. For some odd reason that really grosses out the tourists though. Hehe.

JINKS said...

Glad the gig was good. Home cooked fish, ummers. Alchol fueled fight, bummer.