Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gimme A Sign

So I walk into the gas station/convenience store right around the corner this morning, only to read their "no shoe/no shirt" policy sign for the 100th time. It reads "Must have shirt, shoes and pants on before entering".

Then I noticed at the bottom, scribbled in, it said "Pants Must Be Pulled Up". I thought, JEEZ! What is it coming to? I have seen so many funny signs here and there because you know SOMEONE is running around with their pants around their knees, or doing some crazy stuff that caused people to have to write up a special sign.

O.k. well good luck to my local convenience store with that, I hope they have some success with it. This is the same convenience store that someone drove their truck through the glass door in an attempt to rob a few months back. It's everywhere isn't it? No place is sacred and relaxing anymore.

Well folks, I'm keeping it short today, just not feeling overly-wordy (much to your dismay I'm sure!) However, I have written a good bit this week, so play some catch-up!! Leave me a comment, comments are always welcomed! Have a safe, idiot-free day! -AJ


Nothingman said...

idiot free days? heck i'll have to kill most of the planet to have one of those, and i'll still have me even then :P


Aunt Jackie said...

Nothingman!! Hahaha You're terrible. I understand how you feel though. ;-\

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Good laugh ... tnx Jackie!!

BBC said...

Well, you know what it says on my coffee cup but I will remind you anyway.


Never the less, I got a good pic at Cher's birthday party of a man pulling down his pants and sticking his bums next to the face of a lady that was passed out in her chair. Ha, ha, ha.

Jay said...

The baggie pants that are hanging down below people's butts annoy me, but not nearly as much as the gov't trying to legislate people's wardrobe. I won't go into that rant here though. You're welcome. ;-)

captain corky said...

Corky: I pulled up my pants and put my shirt on. Now can I please have a pack of Marlboro Reds, the latest issue of Swank, some rolling papers, a six pack of Bud and a box of this Kraft Macaroni and Cheese that's been sitting on the shelf collecting dust for the past six months?

Cashier: Will that be all for you, sir?

Corky: That should just about do it.