Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm Alive

Hey... I know, I know. No posts over the weekend.

I was checking Tink's blog to find out the WWC words for this week, which happen to be "Temporary" and "Permanent" so I will try my hand at that tomorrow.

While over at Tink's, I always enjoy her "Daily Hoop Conversations" which are little snippets of conversations she and her boyfriend have all the time, and I always think they are the cutest! She's very witty, and to me, some of the quips and conversations she puts on her blog could well be the perfect material for Comic Strips! But also I was inspired and thought I might try one of my conversations with Mr. J. One such conversation popped up tonight, so I thought I would give it a go:

The Daily Dose of AJ and Richie:
Richie: "Man I need a humongous favor. I wore the wrong type of underwear helping Gary move, and my balls are really chaffed!! Can you go buy me some of that creme?"
AJ: "Creme?"
Richie: "Yeah, what's it called? You know, it's for babies."
AJ: "That figures. You mean Desitin?"
Richie: "Yeah that's it! Go get me some PLEAASE!"
AJ: "Ok."
(20 minutes later... Richie gets out of the shower).
Richie: "Where's my butt cream?"
AJ: "I put it on the counter. Let me see your balls!"
Richie: "No! I don't want you to see them."
AJ: "I've seen your balls many times, what's the big deal?"
Richie: "If they were supposed to be looked at, they wouldn't be called PRIVATES!!"

O.k. so there you go, my first one. :) If you can help me name it please feel free to suggest some witty names. That was fun!

Anyways, getting started this week and it's a slow go. Will be back tomorrow with the WWC... see you then!


Jay said...

His balls wouldn't be so chaffed if he didn't have his hands in his pockets fondling them so much. LOL ;-)

Tink said...

That's awesome!!! I'd like to see you make a comic strip out of THIS conversation. He he.

Aunt Jackie said...

LOL Jay!!!!! :)

Tink... I guess I did "air a little bit of Dirty laundry on that one huh? :) Would have to go into the adult comic strip section I guess. hehe.

btw: He does NOT know that I put that convo up there haha.

Anonymous said...

hows about "can't see the woods for the trees"?

as someone who worked in a red hot bakery for many years, he has my full sympathy! it hurts soooooo bad!

E45 cream always did the trick for me.

but i do have unfeasably large testes!

(cappy. x)