Monday, July 21, 2008

Every Monday's Nightmare

Is it really Monday again and the work week has really come to slap me in the face? I have got to do something about this reality I created. Why did I not go for the tropical island or the snowy wilderness?? I guess it's meant to be for now huh.

Complaint of the Day: People who send me like 20 "Fwd" joke/junk messages, one after the other. I don't really like forwards, but I deal with a few of them. I just think this is ridiculous though, one or two? Maybe... 20 in a row, torture. You're just begging me to "block" you.

There goes another one!! Geez... get a life!

Well, work is going to be steady and kind of hectic for the next few weeks, so much going on and an office relocation (not sure of exact date on that). I dread it though, I know change is imminent, it usually has the flavor of stale brew (hard to swallow). I guess every change has its pros and cons, but I always seem to experience changes that make everything harder to enjoy. Right now, the work flow and environment is just fine, and I wish we could keep it that way. I like the location, and the way we are set up. Anything disturbing all this is only going to cause me grief. Oh well, right?

In lieu of my Motorcycle Madness, the weekend was quite enjoyable. Saturday's post had a little blurb about our riding, and our trip to see my Mom and Dad. When we came back, I took Richie through the lake and scenic route home. It was very nice. However, once we went around the spillway, I spotted a huge swarm of dragonflies, which I was dreading a bit. I am not afraid of Dragonflies, actually, I love dragonflies. But going through them on my bike didn't seem like a fun plan. They remained high in the air, though, and I didn't see a swarm like that the rest of the way home. We stopped in at a gas station and topped off our gas tanks on the highway, and met up with another Biker of sorts (his name was Jackie too! Funny, I thought). It seems every where you go someone wants to talk about the motorcycles. "Like that paint job!" and "Cool lookin ride", along with "Mine's a 2001 Shadow 750". It's really cool, it brings a common ground to greet new faces, and low-five each other along the road, knowing you're part of something interesting... I just like that, sorry... I'm rambling on.

Self-portrait, I call it "Sweat and Flame" lol
[I don't look very feminine here-IK!!]

The windshields... as soon as we can get them that will be a plus, I guess. Richie has stated he doesn't want to go on any more long rides until he gets a windshield. Doesn't bother me that badly, although I think the Windshield might help out on the Interstates or something.

There is a quote I have seen and heard amongst motorcycle lovers, and it goes like this: "Only a biker knows why a dog hangs its head out the window." I've quoted that several times, to Mr. J's dismay. LOL! He just says, "Why do you keep repeating that?!?" and I just laugh and reply, "Because I thought it was a cool quote, and it's really true."

I, myself just cannot forgo the ride even though the wind might give me a run for my money. It's just too much fun. The wind smells so great. You will catch a delicious whiff of cook-out or campfire smoke, which I have always loved dearly, you smell the summer flowers, honeysuckle, and such. It's just the scent of the wind and the sense of freedom while you're out there enjoying the great outdoors. Occasionally, you will hit a stench, but it's not enough to deter me.

So yesterday (Sunday), I took off all by myself, and went down a favorite back road of mine, turned, hit the highway slightly, made a little trip, came back and parked. Then I had to run to Target and pick up a few things, which I had to do in my car since I have no room to store anything like that. I thought I was done, but before supper, I had to jump on Jimi and take one last ride of the weekend... I guess I'm addicted huh.

I took in a quiet Mississippi Sunset as I headed home for the night...

Guess that is about all I have to yammer on about today, as it is Monday and I have to get at least some work done.

Tomorrow is a WWC Day. I am not even sure of the words for this week as I have had my head in the clouds of motorcycle exhaust. Will it die down? I don't know for sure, all I know is that I am enjoying it and trying to work more every day towards appreciating every moment, and just having fun.

How was your weekend??


Nothingman said...

biking...can't get enough of it :D



Jay said...

Do you wear a helmet when you ride?

One of these days you going to tour the country on a bike. I just know it. ;-)

Further on up the road said...

You need to talk to an English biker... they are all sportsbikes, full face helmets and nothing resembling a windshield unless you can croutch like a cat... and they still go past me at over 100mph on the motorways.

I think I could get into USA biking, slower, more upright, more comfort, more time, less hurry.... less f***ing accident looking for some traffic furniture to wrap itself around. A local biker died near my house the other week, on a 30mph town street he hit a lamp post, the police think he was doing about 90mph. I heard it and he was roaring like a nutter as he went past our road so I wouldn't disagree with their estimate. His swerve to miss a pedal cyclist he'd not seen meant he missed them but the bike then kicked him off and he killed himself. Sad.

So - be safe please...

Kenski said...

I have a sneaking suspicion that I've caught the bug. My Dad's in his 70's and still rides an 800cc sports bike. Back in the day he'd drive me to school from time to time on tha back of the 950 he had back then.

We recently got a pair of matching Vespa 125s and they're great for getting around the city. Even the crotch rockets can't keep up between the lights when challenged by a twist and go. 0-20 they're the fastest thing away from the lights. Actually, that's not true. We were just beaten by one of the big-engined Bentleys, but as he got his nose in front he had to brake to avoid ploughing into the line of stationary traffic in front of him. We sailed past and left him for dust.

Back in the day we had a Corvette Z06, which I thought was the most fun you could have on 4 wheels. Now I'm thinking the most fun may be to split the 4 wheels in half and ride 2x2.

Maybe one day we'll do the trans-America coast-to-coast ride that my Dad always talked about wanting to do. If we do, though, it wouldn't be on a Vespa!!!!

Tink said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying your new hobby! I keep thinking that Hoop and I need to get into something like that, only not on wheels. LOL. Hoop drives like a freakin' maniac. I swear all of my gray hairs are from him.

P.S. The WWC is just extended a week from last Tuesday. I'll have new words up today though. Thanks for being patient! :)

BBC said...

I had a wonderful relaxing weekend partying with Cher and Rob while camping in their backyard. It was a great time.

Reb said...

Oh, it has been so long since I was on a bike! I am jealous! If you don't already have one, a full face helmet is great....getting caught in rain is like having little tiny needles driven into your face repeatedly (and it was just a gentle rain once we stopped).

Aunt Jackie said...

Nothingman! Thanks! Yes, I've always loved motorcycles (much to my family's dismay).

Jay! A helmet indeed! With a face shield, and goggles. (o.k. and do-rag underneath, are you satisfied now?)

Further! I don't need to talk to any other bikers, I always get into trouble when I do that--lol j/k.

Totally... this bike, I just enjoy cruising and relaxing, very grounding to me. I am not interested in racing, although I am told that my 1100 might be able to take Richie's 1300 off the line. However, he'd eventually pass me. :)

Love this bike.

Kenski! Catch the BUG!!! YES!! I hope I have infected some folks with the biking bug, but just be very careful! It should be a joy ride, doesn't have to be a demolition derby. Have fun! Life is too friggin short!

Tink! Cool! Thanks for popping in and letting me know. Tell Hoop to slow down and just enjoy the ride. :)

BBC! That sounds really nice! I'm glad you had a good weekend camping!

Reb! Yes indeedy. I got some rain gear, but will probably not ride the rain for a bit until I'm back comfortable. The windshields, i'm told help with that some too.

Nice day all! -AJ