Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Dream A Little Dream Of Z

As I have been working a lot on dreams and trying to improve my dream recall, and so forth, I have experienced some progress. I actually have a slight headache since this afternoon though and I am wondering if it has something to do with any of that.

Earlier, I spoke about my (I'll call it Dream Meeting) with Z. It is most amazing in the fact that I very RARELY have dreams about Z, even though I think of him often, etc. I am not sure where we were supposed to be, but we were mainly sitting together.

It was just a very 'close spiritual' feeling of being near each other, and I don't know what it was all about but it was so sweet and relaxing being able to sit there face-to-face... (I'm thinking my headache might be because I have been working with my Moldavite and crystal for a few days in sleep... It's supposed to be a pretty strong one... and helps with astral travel and communications, so maybe it's working.)

Anyway, in the dream, I felt like we were 'visiting', and we were just staring into each other's eyes like we were trying to record every detail of each other's faces... I locked on and couldn't look away. And occasionally, he'd bend down to kiss me, and we walked around a bit, but mainly just there being together. And It wasn't even remotely about sex, it was like "Oh my god I am just so glad to be near you right now" kind of thing.

It was very calming, and very positive for me that we met up, and could be together for a bit, in this dream world. Now this is not to reflect badly on my marriage or love for my husband, it's not that at all. It is something in my heart and soul, and I can't explain that really.

Speaking of my husband, in other parts of this he was hanging around, but his role in the dream was that he was "Interviewing" my old boyfriends. He would finish with a couple interviews, and come report back to me... "Man that guy is actually pretty cool." When he said this, to me it seemed that he was basically saying, "It wasn't the GUY, it was you... all these guys are alright!" So that sort of made me feel 'on trial', and made me think he was trying to show me what all was wrong with me.

And I was distraught that he had to analyze all these dudes, but my response to that was "Well, yeah, most everyone was cool except for Chris, and he was a piece of shit." At one point, Larry Raines (my first "real" kiss, remember??) actually popped in for his "interview" with my husband, and I looked at him, he gave me a devilish smile, and I exclaimed, "Oh Jesus Lord, No!"

Then I think I was back hanging with Z... I am not entirely sure how long our "visit" lasted, but it would be cool if he would pop in from time-to-time just to let me know he is out there, and he still remembers me fondly.

Will report any other interesting dream occurrences though, if or as they come.

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JINKS said...

Dreams are interesting and have enjoyed your journey through them.
Can't say I've had any of my own lately. Keep us up to date dream weaver....

Jay said...

I noticed that you didn't mention that I was in this dream. I'm sure I was doing something important though.

Anyway, that part about him interviewing your old boyfriends is kinda strange. Wouldn't it be weird if someone DID interview your old boyfriends? ;-)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Dreams many times point to things our conscious mind is unaware off. I recently dreamed that my old boss and his wife were in a new business. After waking, it was clear how much I missed my old job and how uncomfortable I am in my current position at another company.

Hello from Speedy ... just been really busy.

Happy 4th to you!!!

BBC said...

"As I have been working a lot on dreams and trying to improve my dream recall,"

Why? It's just your brain fucking around while you sleep. You don't have to try to analyze the fuck out of it later.

Less than one tenth of one tenth of one percent of your dreams will ever have any real meaning. It's just a bunch of fucking monkeys that decided they should all have meanings.

I can set my brain free to play with itself when I'm awake, it's interesting.

Aunt Jackie said...

Jinks: Yes, I enjoy thinking about them and working on them.

Jay! Like I said, I'm sure Jessica Alba had you busy. ;)

Speedy! Possibly yes, and there are alot of other theories I'm working with. Glad to see you!!! Be around to check your latest asap!

BBC! I addressed you in my latest post darling :) hehehe

Happy 4th Y'all!

JINKS said...

who knew a few dreams could cause such a stir...hee hee.

Aunt Jackie said...

Jinks! Just for BBC obviously... I thought I was enjoying myself. Maybe I should rethink it?? LOL!!!