Saturday, July 19, 2008

Summer's A Gas

Well, just had to pop in for a quick weekend update... Richie and I got street legal for our bikes and we're all set and ready to go. We actually made a little mini trip to my Mom's yesterday on them and took the scenic route home this morning; it was a total blast. I loved every minute of it. The next order of business is to get the windshields soon, because the wind truly does become problematic when you hit 50 and over. We'll get to that soon though... Just enjoying being legit and able to ride. However, the weather is hot as hell and the bugs are out there slapping us around, so maybe the windshield will help with that, and I got a good pair of goggles. Anyroad... I'm riding around like a bad-azz and happy as a clam! :)

Since it is summer, and the heat is on super-high, a lot of people tend to want to drink cold beer, or liquor (or both), and think that's going to cool them off or to make them SEEM cool. Well, this next video is really a testament to the fact that nothing could be further from the truth... I thought we could use a laugh too, so here goes. "Drunk Men Having Accidents" is the title of this video. It's about a minute, 40 seconds long... and I LOL'd on this!

Also, if anyone remembers, I used to post up videos of The Farting Preacher, but I found this... "Mrs. Farting Preacher", which I got a decent laugh about. They make them sound funny, even when we know it isn't real. It sounds better than their sermon anyway. I am not sure who this woman is, but she's a real gas!

That's it for now, hope you enjoyed the videos. All this motorcycling has got me famished. I'm off for a quick bite to eat and a big glass of TEA!!! Later Dudes and Dudettes! ;) **Low 5**


Speedcat Hollydale said...

How cool is that!?!?
Will you drive by my shack doing a wheelie and wave at old Speedcat?

Happy trails :-)

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

lol... No wheelies on my bike, It's a straight cruiser! :) I will slug by at 45 MPH and honk the horn and throw you a low five though... LOL!!!

captain corky said...

The first video is a good example of why I do most of my drinking alone now. If I'm going to make an ass of myself I'll do it on my webcam in the privacy of my own home thank you very much. ;)

Joshua said...


hi hi girl!

The Manic Street Preacher said...

Farts like that could convert me!!!

Not a scooter girl then?

Aunt Jackie said...

Yay Corky! I miss you when you don't visit. I think that videos were the problem for these guys. They didn't intend for anyone to see them, but somehow they fell into the wrong hands.

Joshua! Thanks! I'm glad you could join us. ((smirk))

Manic! :) Haha really now. And Scooters server their purpose I suppose, but I am more the biker gal lol.