Monday, July 14, 2008

Gig's Up

South Park gig went well Friday night, and I appreciate everyone who was in the area and attempted to make it out... The support of friends and family is very important, and does make a difference. Means alot to us.

I'm not feeling like a long post, so I will just give you a quick run-down.

We started playing sometime between 9:30 and 10:00, and we split it up into two sets, just like we did at Stage Stop last time. We had some new faces, and also some familiar faces. Richie's friends, Justin, Zack, Lev and some of Richie's coworkers came, and from my end, really just Glenda and Byrd... I appreciate that, and was glad to see them. Others attending were acquaintances of our Bass players, so we made new friends and fans.

It was a sweaty set, we were outdoors and There were insects abound. I sprayed myself down with Mosquito repellent and gave it my all. We were attacked by a Locust after the first couple of songs, and I just make a quip into the mic, "He must've not liked that song!!" Of course, I made a fool of myself ducking to get away from him, as he seemed to have turned his attention to me.

"Pump Up The Volume Bi-otch!"

Of course, Richie wasn't fond of the Locust either. Finally, he left us alone and we were able to knock out a swarm-free set!

Once over, we gave our first autographs as a band, as Meg brought some of our t-shirts to sell, we autographed t-shirts... I felt a little odd doing so, I mean, who are we really?? But it was fun, and flattering nonetheless.

All in all, good night, and we will probably be announcing more gig dates really soon... we have a couple of things in the works. So summer is in full swing.

In other news, of course, I told you guys about the Motorcycles... You've seen a couple pics, but here is a good shot of them side-by-side.

Then, here is "Jimi" by himself...
Oh, don't forget, give me your input on my new header... like it? Hate it?? Just curious.

Other than that, just have yourselves a fantastic Monday!!


Jay said...

The header is cool. I like it.

I love the bike. We need video of Jacquelishious in leather riding the bike. ;-)

BBC said...

Oh, don't forget, give me your input on my new header... like it? Hate it?? Just curious.

Does apathy strike a cord? After a few visits to a blog who in the hell pays any attention to a blog, I never change mine.

I'm not much into biking anymore, loved it when I was younger though, even tied to shove my leg up my ass with one. No luck there, just fucked up a knee.

Lets see, where in the fuck where we? Oh, tee-shirts? That is as good as a fucking place to be as any I guess.

I still have the shirt that says if you are not a biker you're not shit. Haven't worn it for about 20 years though.

Hell, I still have the shirt that says, IT'S NOT A BEER BELLY, IT'S A FUEL TANK FOR A SEX MACHINE.

I just tend to hang onto shit, know what I mean?

Further on up the road said...

Good news on the gig. Well done - sorry it's a bit of a trip for me otherwise I'd have been there.

New header - like it.

Aunt Jackie said...

Jay! Cool, glad you like it. Well, we will have to see about the video. One, I don't have all the leather yet, and two, I don't have a video camera... lol :)

BBC! Apathy, hmmm yes. I think I may have heard of that. Isn't it in the dictionary somewhere between "Anal" and "Ape"? :O lol, don't worry I'm kiddin dear. And besides, I'm apathetic about alot of things... really!

Further! Yes, it would've been great if you could've been there. Glad you like the new header... It's growing on me too hehe j/k ;)

Anonymous said...

nice. very nice. but i still prefer my scooters!

mind how you go.

ride to live. live to ride.