Friday, July 18, 2008

Get Off My Cloud

Stuff bugging on my brain today... and other random thoughts in no particular order.

I woke up this morning thinking about how long this week has truly felt, I mean it seems like it's just been dragging on and on. I suspect this has something to do with my trying to get my motorcycle endorsement on my license, and just wanting to be out riding instead of doing anything else... but oh well. Jimi does not approve of sitting still, he demands to be ridden, and stone free.

Also, being unable to go and get the motorcycle endorsement on our license and not having any other licensed motorcycle-rider that can accompany us to the DMV... either that or Trailer the bike, which we only need a trailer for like an hour, and nobody has a trailer... Uhaul charges more and for a 24-hr period... Frustrating!

Elevator etiquette sucks in this town. I hate when I get to my floor, and no sooner than the doors open, someone else jumps on before I can even get off. I think people exiting the elevator should be allowed to get off first, then the others get on. I practice this, why can't the fancy-dancy fussy-stuck-up Lawyers... you guys are nobody. Have some respect for your fellow man.

Drivers who are wobbling and weaving around on the road, going 20 MPH not certain of what they are going to do next, and no matter which lane you get into, they weave over in front of you like they are oblivious that you are even there... Also, it's so assholy when you are going pretty slow, until someone decides they need to pass you and move on with their lives, and you promptly try to speed up and keep them from getting over, simply because you can't stand to be passed. I'm not trying to race you, I don't care anything about what you're doing, I just want to get to my destination without having to stare at your "My Kid Is an Honor Student at Shit-for-Brains High" bumper sticker all the way. Go-go gadget 'No-Child-Left-Behind-Act'!!! Good for you!

I know I bitch a lot about the drivers around here, but there are just so many idiots... and so little bandwidth.

I woke up late, with no time to finish drying my hair, or have breakfast, and it's another full moon, so I'm starving, irritated, and just want my motorcycle endorsement.

I'll probably come back and update my bitchings a bit later. :)


barnze said...

Spare a thought for poor Mrs B ..Her hair dryer passed away this morning when she had only done half of her hair..mind you she killed the iron last week..Not very lucky with appliances but she has me & that makes up for it..she is so lucky!

Aunt Jackie said...

Poooor Mrs. B!! I can't abide problems with the hair dryer. What a coincidence that is, though because my pistol-packing Mama had a hair dryer on the brink of death just a week ago.

Is there something going 'round?? :)

JINKS said...

Hey Jax,
Full moon has wide range of effects. I gave up drying my hair long ago, but have used the cool setting on hair dryer to extinguish many a hot flash...
Jax, do you experience this driving phenomenon only on the interstate or is it in street traffic also?

Aunt Jackie said...

Yes, the full moon is unpredictable!

Hot flashes and the hair dryer, you crack me up!! :))

Yes I experience these idiots and the ensuing road rage on streets, as well as highways and such. They're everywhere!

Tink said...

Your new header is killer! I LOVE it. And congrats on the bike, even though you can't legally ride it yet. I'm hoping there will be pictures when I scroll down further. :)

Jay said...

There should also be no talking on the elevator. Especially by those people who talk really loud. Nobody cares about yoru freaking golf game over the weekend asshole.

The only talking on the elevator, other than somebody asking for someone to pus a button for their floor, should be me looking at the chick in the tight skirts saying "How YOU doin'?" ;-)