Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Raw and Finished (WWC)

Great Greetings fellow photo enthusiasts! It is that time again, and that means the Weekly Words Challenge with Tink!!!. The words for this week are Raw and Finished.

Now, just a note. I have a few entries for raw and finished, but then I wanted to share some neon signs too so I put those at the end, they are not part of 'WWC' except that they are bonus shots. Hope you enjoy.

Oh, and the "foot in" shot is dedicated to Barnze over at Am Tellin Me Mam! Rock On Barnze!

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What's that you say? Why yes, that is a pistol in my Mother's pocket and no she's probably not glad to see you. :)

I had a dream visit, I think from "Z" last night I might detail or discuss this later... Check back if you feel like it.


Reb said...

Great shots, I love the raw power in your mom's pocket! The neon signs are great.

Tink said...

Those neons are awesome! And what in the world is your Mom doing with a gun in her pocket? Did you plant it there? Come on, you can tell me. ;)

Btw, I think you should definitely make a header like mine. Then we can turn it into a craze and take over the blogoverse! Whatcha think?

Karen said...

I'm betting your mom is a pistol. Hee hee.
All good shots. Glad you threw in the bonus neon signs, you really did great with those, and that ain't easy!

Blondie said...

Who's "Z"?!?! I MUST KNOW!

Chatty said...

Beautiful nature shots - thanks. Congrats on the finished trail, too. And now, I want to go to Memphis, especially to check out Tater Reds!

Jay said...

I have to go to Tater Red's!

The swamp looks so inviting! I just want to go swimming in it. ;-)

g-man said...

I had to go back an look several times to make sure that was a pistol grip, go mom!

I really liked the first flower. Well done as usual Jackie.

Anonymous said...

Loved the foot shot.. I am soon away on my hols so stand by forr some foot shots from me.. Big it up for your pistol packing momma.

Aunt Jackie said...

Reb: Thanks Yeah Mom is 'a pistol'.

Tink: My mother is a gunslinger. She's great at it. I didn't HAVE to plant it--lol!!! You'd love her. I sure do. I will get cracking on that header.

Karen! You would win that bet! :) Thanks!

Blondie! I sent you an e-mail with links.

Chatty! Thank you, nature is art and we don't have to work too hard to make it beautiful huh... Tater Reds is a cool shop! You should definitely check it out. It is on Beale Street.

Jay! As I told Chatty, Beale Street. Tater Reds is not a Restaurant either, it's kind of a little 'voodoo shop' I guess. :)

Gman! You got it yay Mom! And Thanks!

Barnze! You got me started on those foot shots, and I have fun with them. Can't wait to see your Holiday foot shots! Mom Rocks!

Aunt Jackie said...

PS: Sorry for the late follow-ups. I have had a heavy week! :)

Be around to finish looking at you guys pics soon.