Friday, March 28, 2008

Not Necessarily Stoned, Even Less Beautiful

Words can't describe my feelings today, at this moment. I feel stressed, yet I still feel my inner voice saying "don't even sweat anything, it's all gonna pan out". I know that, still I really feel the treads of this long week... I'm still sweating taxes, family's expectations of things I gotta do, trying to keep up the pace and carry on the workload professionally. Everyone's been there at some point or another, and stressing doesn't get any of it resolved faster, so I'm gonna take my deep breath and chill.

{***deep breath***}

O.k... good (I guess).

Now, what do I blog about if I don't rant about being stressed at this moment? Because that's exactly what I was about to do!

No post yesterday, I was busy at work, then busy after work helping a friend with some computer "how to's"... so I got home late, got to bed late, then woke up late.

Waking up late screwed up our morning workout, Mr. J got screwed out of a good breakfast since I didn't 'fix eggs' for him. He ended up eating yogurt and almonds, and making me feel guilty about that (whether or not he did it intentionally).

My question is, why do I feel like I am the one who is expected to make the world spin around? Like everything is going to stop if I don't consistently "push" it so that it keeps moving along? Maybe it's genetic... after all Mom has made breakfast every single morning for Dad in all the years they've been married (with the exception of nowadays when he throws his fit for "Huddle House"). She caters to everything he needs, and I watched it all my life.

I don't consider myself being run over, and I like to take care of those that I love, but it would be nice if all the responsibilities of life didn't feel like they were on my shoulders. I'm just not the "June Cleaver" type, and I like my time to slack and do absolutely nothing too.

So today I had to feel guilty because I am still having trouble getting the taxes finalized, and that's not just me, I'm still waiting on some amended forms from my boss... And that I slept too late to make breakfast, and I just feel very tired and worn down.

It's really time for a get-away...


BBC said...

As someone that owned business's and such I have never done my own taxes.

It's just stupid to stress yourself out that way, I paid someone else to do them and took care of the business , which is what I was supposed to be doing anyway.

Henry Ford built an empire by having others do what they were good at because he knew he couldn't do it all on his own.

Just saying.

Jay said...

Doing taxes is just too stressful. I had somebody do them for me for years (the family tax guy) until he passed away. Then I started doing them on my own, but have now gone back to having them done for me by a pro. I just feel more confident about it that way.

awa said...

I hate doing taxes. But then again, I haven't had to do them in a few years. I know next year will be hellacious...especially, since I am incorporated and my own business. Yay. The joy. Not.

Hope yur weekend is going fabulous!


Worked for myself a few years back. Didn't pay any tax at all. Paid a good accountant and saved loads. Screw the tax man every chance you get.

Just chill babe x

Mad Hatter said...

"Not Necessarily Stoned, Even Less Beautiful"

remember the first line of that song --->If you can just get your mind together

this is part of life, showing that you are experienced?

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Further on up the road said...

Seem several in the blogsphere are stressed, tired, pressured right now.

The end of winter and start or spring I blame.

Luckily I have a break next week which will recharge me if I'm lucky