Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pump up the Volume!

Some days you just have to come in, slink into your chair, slip on your headphones and blast the volume... Drown it & them out... (Alllll the way out).

Woke up to rain this morning, which is always great in my book but not the 'driving in it' part. Especially in Memphis. Every road toad slinked along or stomped on breaks, basically asking for it accident-wise. My basic personal road philosophy (I adhere to whenever possible), is to try to keep a spot to myself where nobody is Hooooovering right next to me, and nobody's in front of me playing sitting duck, going 20 MPH and stomping brakes like grapes. And of course, I try not to have anyone riding my ass either... usually that's not much of a problem since most people who ride others' asses on the roads are the ones with death wishes so they go barrel-racing through the traffic-jammed rain-soaked streets like Mario Andretti on speed.

This morning was no different really, I got the people who took up the left hand lane for their brake-riding pleasures, and wouldn't get "over" to get off at their exit until the very last minute. Also, I got the people driving stupidly-expensive cars who decided to slow down and show off only when you got 'a little too close'. (Dudes we could care less about your stupid hot rods, and more about just trying to keep the flow of traffic and make it to work reasonably on time). GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!

It's useless to rant on like this because nobody ever really adheres to it, and the ones you are aiming at are not behind a computer, they're probably still on the road terrorizing everyone.

Otherwise, I had a very restful night's sleep, I felt like I did anyways. I took a Melatonin, and went to bed with my Moldavite (damn misspelled it the first time!) stone, hoping for some interesting effects. I really feel drawn to this stone, as I picked one up yesterday and decided to start doing some meditation and work with it. I'll keep you posted on any interesting developments or changes therein.

If you're not aware of it, I've been interested in and worked some with healing stones and crystals for a long time, I just rarely talk much about it (or any of my other metaphysical/otherworldly junk). I doubt folks are much interested in that, but if you are, feel free to send me an e-mail about it. Only if you feel enlightened and drawn to do so, not just to write and tell me how "Hokie" I am, I don't really care.

So now, I'm sitting back, clearing my head, gonna enjoy my tunes, relax and let it all flow. Today's a great day to follow that old small-stuff rule, don't you think? You know it, surely. If not, it goes a little something like this:

Rule #1: Don't sweat the small stuff.

Rule #2: It's all small stuff.

Think of that as you go on about your daily tasks today, and also I'll leave you with this link (It's a free gift from me!!). [Read this it's a damn good article!!]-->

Dont Sweat The Small Stuff When So Much Else Matters.

Hang in there! Everything works itself out, and always for the greater good... remember that. Lots of love from your Aunt Jackie!!!


Jay said...

I've never heard of the Modivate Stone. Pretty interesting.

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

It's pretty cool...

Jay Cam said...

lol thanks for telling me alll these rules i already knew!

i havent heard of the Modivate stone either! at least something today... thought i have to admit the white poweder didnt help!

Aunt Jackie said...

Sorry guys, after seeing you both Misspell "Modavite", I realized I spelled it wrong in the article. It's called MOLDAVITE. :) My apologies.

Still, Jay Cam, Don't Piss in the Face of Inspiration (raises mean eyebrow).

You're always such a friggin smartass! No wonder the rest of you is starving for genius! HAhAHAHAHAHAH!

BBC said...

Meditation requires no props that you have to pay for. You can free your mind at any time for that, or when the cosmos calls upon you to do so.

Hell, if you want to meditate with a stone just go for a walk and pick up one that speaks to you, it will do that for free.

I swear, I'm surrounded by fuckin' idiots that think they have to buy spiritual things when it's all free.

No offense hon, but you needed to hear that.

Aunt Jackie said...

BBC, No offense taken. You know I take you with a grain of salt anyways... I can't find Moldavite in my driveway or on the walking trail, and it was a particular one that I wanted, so I searched for it. It wasn't that much. Made me happy, that was the important thing.

No, I don't need stones to meditate at all, I wanted it for its properties. And to each his own.

Needed to hear what?? More judgement from others? Not so much.

BBC said...

Well, Moldavite has no properties that I'm interested in, like any stone it's just more cosmic sexual debris. Want me to send you one of the pebbles I've picked up on the beaches in this area?


I once talked to a tree for several minutes. Does that count?

The tree didn't really have very much to say to be honest...;-)