Monday, March 10, 2008

After the Fall

Oh I have not been in the best of spirits last night nor this morning, a melancholy seems to have set in. I don't know exactly why. Partially, it was our snow flying in and out so quickly, not staying nearly long enough. Then I've just been thinking on family, and missing old times with them again.

The Daylight Savings Time phenomenon sucks big time, and screwed me up some. So Monday morning broke in like a burglar stealing my peace of mind. Went to work out, and that went o.k., but then I got back and had like barely enough time to throw together and get back to work. So there I am, eating oatmeal in the bathtub, feeling like shit and wishing it was still Friday.

The normal amount of assholes were out and about on the roads this morning, so I had my share of little road rages. Got to work, and felt so totally unproductive to say the least. I managed to accomplish on thing, then I ran out to lunch (my the day passes quickly), and I decided I needed to run home on my lunch break, so I quickly grabbed a Chicken sandwich from Wendy's, and a Diet Coke, and took it to the house.

While I am trying desperately to enjoy a few moments of peace, in mid-bite, the doorbell rings. I decided not to answer it, and it's usually something odd when someone rings the doorbell anyways, so I ran to hide in sanctity of my bathroom until I thought they were gone, then I cautiously peeked out the window. Lo and behold, waddling down the street are two apparent "Jehovah's Witnesses". Oh my gawwwd... don't get me started on this stuff. I may have to make a separate post one day about these religious groups and their "friendly visits". Jesus!!! (I think even HE would be annoyed these people).

Long story short, I can't stand being irritated and pounced upon by people in the privacy of my own home. Is nothing sacred anymore?? No, I know the answer to that already... And as old "Norm" from Cheers said it best, "It's a Dog Eat Dog World, and I'm Wearin Milk Bone Underwear." Rock on Norm.

The rest of you, enjoy my March 2008 Snow Photos Slideshow.

So don't forget, tomorrow is WWC with Tink, and our keywords are 'Ceramic' and 'Paper'. Should be great as always. Visit Tink's blog if you want info and wanna join.

See you Tuesday my friends.


Anonymous said...

Ah Calgon take me away

Jay said...

Yay! You finally got to play in the snow! We got snow too. I thought about boxing it up and sending it to you if you didn't get any this time. ;-)

Further on up the road said...

We've had a lot of religous canvassers around recently. I try to be polite and just say I'm not interested. I do wonder if this kind of thing isn't preying on the vulnerable? My Mum was pursuaded to change energy suppliers via a door to door sales rep when she was very ill and I only found out after her death. I didn't push it as I had other stuff to deal with but I'm sure she signed just to get peace of mind.

The other one is phone calls - one bank I have an "emergency" credit card with continually phone me up with offers of loans etc. etc. They always phone just as we are sitting down to eat - Often I hang up in the middle as I've said already I'm not interested but they persist with the script.... Go AWAY!

BBC said...

Sure am glad that we didn't get any snow. But it's been raining a fair amount, light rains.

Making it hard to get the wood in my camper project dried out. But it will get done before too long I hope.

Have a great day.

BBC said...

Women bible thumpers are a blast.

You love God?

"Oh yes."

Want to have sex with God?

*smell of burning rubber on pavement*

ZigZagMan said...

I like Jehovas witnesses......and mormons. Invite them in....crack a beer and then eyeball them.....How bad does your god want to convert me......:)