Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Junk We All Treasure (WWC)

Wow what a day, I have been going non-stop since 'take-off' this morning. I haven't had time to stop and gather my thoughts and photos until now. It is WWC Time again! The Weekly Words Challenge is as always brought to us by our very own blogging "Treasure", Tink of Pickled Beef. This week's words are "Junk" and "Treasure".

I have another slideshow for you this week! It is lengthier than the last couple, but I hope you will still enjoy. Once again, captions illustrate shots.

I had a very strange dream last night wherein I had uncontrollably long armpit hair. I am an AVID shaver... let me just say that. But in this dream, my armpits dangerously resembled Donald Trump's famous hairdo... I mean, I could literally lift the edge of it and it stayed together. I was highly embarrassed in the dream that my armpits were in such bad condition, but I don't remember what I did about it.

I have been really working on my dream work and trying to remember my dreams more lately, but sadly, this is the only detail that stands out in my mind about last nights dream adventures... I hardly call that any sort of a good dream. If I were to believe that our dreams were simply an alternate reality, instead of dream symbols and all that bull, I surely would write to my alternate self and suggest some extensive hair-care solutions!!! I mean that was just hideous!

Dream self, if you are reading this, or listening in, do us ALL a favor and learn about razors or at least Nair! I can't afford any lawsuits! (bad Trump hair joke).

Well that's all for today fine folks... Enjoy and watch for me tomorrow (Hump Day), I'm likely to be sneaking up behind you (hopefully with shaved pits) ! ;)


R.E.H. said...

Wonderful pictures this week! I loved all the ones from the graveyard - especially the "everyone wins" series... that was funny bizarre ;)

Well played!

Jay said...

Those were your best WWC pics yet! You really got busy this week! I really enjoyed that a lot Jacquelicious. ;-)

But, that armpit hair thing is kind of bugging me. LOL ;-)

Aunt Jackie said...

Thanks r.e.h! Yes, I thought that was odd looking out of the cemetery and seeing a Casino billboard "win win win!"

Jaytabulous! Wow, really!? Yes I had some fun over the weekend.

Hey the armpit hair thing is totally an alternate reality, remember that!! It was a dream. In waking life, I shave... everything! :D Is that better?

BBC said...

I have a junk collector squatting out in my camp trailer, but not to worry, she will be gone soon.

You dream about arm pit hair? Weird, I shave my arm pits but I never dream about it.

I'll look at the slide show later, right now I'm dealing with something else.

g-man said...

Wow excellent showing!!! I saw a funny (ironic) one on the way home from Ohio. It too was a graveyard with a sign. It said "Dead End".

I debated turning around and taking the picture but decided against.

That armpit hair thing is just weird. Better dreaming tonight ?:)O

Anonymous said...

I liked the bell picture! It was artistically shot :)

Anonymous said...

I'm weirded out by your armpit hair looking like Donald Trump's hair, even in a bad dream. But your trees in the cemetery, reaching up to the sky...that was way cool.

Further on up the road said...

Do you think men should shave their body hair?

Zack said...

@further up the road - and freeze.. no

Aunt Jackie said...

You guys!! I don't know why I dreamed about that, it disturbed me too. I didn't realize it was going to be such a disturbance to everyone else lol!! I promise I am an avid shaver! Hey at least Trump's head wasn't attached. Remember, I've been taking Melatonin and using my Moldavite stone. :P

Further & Zach:
I don't think Men should shave their body hair, No, with the exception of pubic hair. I like when a man cares enough to keep that at least neat. Trimmed or shaved is cool.

Tink said...

Holy cow, girl. You really flourished with these words, huh? I don't think I took that many pictures on my entire trip! :)

I really love the first picture, the black and white of the barn, the angle of the two trees, and the ironic billboard. Well done!

Aunt Jackie said...

Awww thanks Tink! I guess I was just inspired hanging around "Home".

Newt said...

Wow, ya know, those photographs could be an entire exhibit. I couldn't pick one that was my favorite. They were all excellent. And I could totally see all those photographs together in an art show. Very very nice most excellent job.

captain corky said...

Awesome slide show! Beautiful pictures.

Reb said...

You did a really great job with the words! Love the graveyard shots and that sunset - wow.


Only Siouxsie Sioux can have sexy armpit hair.

Allright. As It's you x

Great pics babe