Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Glass And Stone (late WWC)

Happy Hump day everybody... I trust your Wednesdays are going well. As promised, here is my WWC entry for this week. The WWC, is brought to us by The very glassy Classy Tink of Pickled Beef. This week's words, as you can see were "Glass" and "Stone".

I'm keeping with my slide show method, which seems to be working out rather well. You must have guessed that with one of the keywords being "Stone" that it would take me back to Historic Elmwood Cemetery once more. I have so many photos from there already, but I took this batch specifically for WWC... Hope you like.


g-man said...

Better late than never I say. :)

Wicked cool "monument" series, especially the final one.

I really enjoyed all your photos.

Jay said...

That old cemetery rocks. You'll have to take me there sometime when I visit Memphis. Great photos Jack-eeeeeeeeee!

Tink said...

I know this is going to sound wrong, but I love graveyards. Hoop's and my first kiss was in a graveyard, right next to a row of 200 year old markers for Catholic nuns. All of your pictures were stunning, but the first was by far the best. I love the moodiness of the sky. Beautiful!

Karen said...

I love the gravestone and monument photos! They are unbelievably beautiful. Just stunning.
Oh and I didn't mean to sound like I didn't like my own photos, because I did. Just noting how different everyone's interpretations were. This is my first WWC and I am hooked, both viewing all the others and doing my own.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Cemeteries are fascinating places.
I really ought to learn how to do the slideshow-thingy. I hated having to limit my photos!

Reb said...

Very nice photos. I like the slide show effect too.

Aunt Jackie said...

g-man thanks! I love the monuments in that place.

Jay! Definitely, that is a very cool cemetery and I think you'd love it.

Tink! No, I feel you on that, I like them for some reason too. That's cool-first kiss, graveyard... :) And Thanks!

Karen! Thank you. And yes, it is addicting isn't it?

kc! Yes, cool and the slideshow on Picassa is easy, you just grab the code they do it all for you basically, then paste it right in your post.

Reb! Thanks! Glad you stopped by.

R.E.H. said...

Lots of wonderful shots there!

I especially liked the first angel prayer picture... that one was amazing!

Well played.

PS. The Picasa slideshow works pretty well, don't you think ;)

Sara said...

I truly love cemetaries! Really, really do. Wonderful monument

awa said...

Hey AJ!!! On my way to work, so stopping through to say HOLA and hope your week has been fabulous, dahhhhhling!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Cool post - I like the Picassa slideshow as well. At the office now, so I can actually watch one!! My home "dump heap computer" would take 2 days to load one of these.

You really like that cemetary!! Hope you had a happy hump day Jackie.


BBC said...

I want to be cremated, taking up space on this planet is for the living, not dead bodies. Actually I think it would be cool to be chopped up in a big blender and poured out in the spiritual park, returned to nature.

Being retired I don't think of Wednesday as being hump day, it's just laundry day here at Polly's Honky Tonk Saloon and Whorehouse.

And I had a tooth pulled, that was cool, glad to have it gone.


A novel way of gettin' stoned eh? ;-)