Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Foreign or Domestic? (WWC)

Tuesdays are better than Mondays in a lot of ways... It's one day closer to the weekend, and usually a little more relaxed for me around here. But of course, each Tuesday we always look forward to the
Weekly Words Challenge, with the lovingly domesticated (I'm sure) Tink of Pickled Beef. (Tink, don't you love everyone's weekly descriptions for you? :)

WWC is widespread these days, and if you haven't checked it out or participated, and you would like to, go here for details. It's funtabulous!

Anyways, just a note-This week I don't have that many to report, so I will not be putting them in slide show format. But don't dismay... I will try to put up a new and exciting slide show next week. So I have only 6 entries for today's WWC. This week's Keywords are "Foreign" and "Domestic". So here you go!

Reflections captured in this neon-outlined Domestic beer sign.

Vikram is Foreign (although we've domesticated him quite a bit!).

I know you see me post photos of Trolleys in a lot of entries, and that's because they are abundant in the downtown area, as the Main Street Trolley System, has a good piece of history. You may or may not know, the Trolleys of Memphis are indeed "Foreign", as they are comprised principally of (refurbished) cars, which used to operate in Oporto, Portugal and Melbourne, Australia (anywhere from 1909 - 1939). So there you go, a bit of Trolley history.

A very handsome domestic horse, nibbling on some hay.

And AJ's own "Sal" is so domestic he thinks he's actually human (of course!).

Join us again next week, as Tink has set the keywords of "Treasure" and "Junk". Those should be a blast... Have a fantastic Tuesday.


R.E.H. said...

No need to apologize for the trolley pics... I always enjoy them. Makes me wanna come visit, just so I can ride those things all over town.

Great pics this week - love how you balanced that beer pic with the reflections in the window.

Ginni Dee said...

Cool shots...I love the horse...he looks like my very first horse. And what a cute dog!!

Karen said...

Oh, I like the trolley picture. Great downtown shot. And interesting history of them too.
The horse is gorgeous. Is he yours?
Good pictures all around.

Tink said...

Are you kidding me? Besides the pictures, the descriptions are my favorite thing to see! :)

I love your foreign guy picture. What a hottie! And the blue tint with the rich black shadows is fantastic. Well done.

g-man said...

Excellent again AJ!! Thanks for the bit-o-history. Photos are usually more interesting if you know something about them. :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to have a pet horse :)

Jay said...

I love the trolley pics. They're cool pieces of history.

All the pics are great actually.

Great job Jacquelicious! ;-)

Aunt Jackie said...

r.e.h.! Glad you enjoy the Trolley pics... I think they're neat too. The inside of them looks cool, I will take some from the inside one of these days.

Ginni! Thank you... Yes the horse is cute, and of course the dog (mine) is tops!

Karen! Thank you, glad you enjoyed. The horse is not mine but he looks like a horse my Father had in a photo when he was young. He was so cute. I had to take his photo.

Tink! I am glad you enjoy the captions/descriptions :) I will have to let Vikram know that he got a compliment. He will be flattered!

G-man! Yes, I felt like sharing history today. :)

Joel! I have had a couple horses in my life and they are wonderful animals... I highly recommend them!

Jay! Thanks, and I am glad you're liking the new nickname, it's rather fun for me too!

Reb said...

Love the beer sign with the reflection, very well done. Great history on the trolley cars as well. They are very nice looking trolley cars.



nice pics babe.

A lot of Maltese buses are old English country buses. I know 'cause I've been on 'em and they haven't changed the fuckin' suspension since the 30's. Nearly lost me teeth! ;-)

Chatty said...

Hi! I'm fairly new to WWC and hadn't been to your site before now - I really like your pictures. You capture animals well - I've found that can be difficult. I also really like your beer sign (I did beer for this week too) and the trolley pictures. I love trolleys.

Newt said...

Those are sooooooo cool. Love the horse and dog photographs. And I like the trolley as well. I like them all actually!