Thursday, March 13, 2008


Aaarrgh... I've been wanting to post all day, and never been able to sit down and get to it. Started to earlier, got interrupted. Just one of those days. I thought about not posting at all, since I really didn't have anything worthy to talk about, but still, here I am.

Started the day, running late as usual, stuck on the interstate for a bit due to an accident that turned some sort of blue S.U.V. into an accordion. Then finally, made it in to our friendly neighborhood parking garage.

Went to lunch, kind of had a meditation (of sorts) in the car, and had some sort of emotional over-spill, resulting in a mood lift and a huge energy-shifting, or release or something... I am speaking spiritually of course, something to do with my energies and my intuition. Because after that, I spent the afternoon buzzing and feeling very flushed and connected to the cosmos... My poor frustrated guides at work, as usual, I'm sure! :)

And so here we are, end of the evening and I'm trying to force myself to go to bed. Just watched the "South Park" episode from tonight where Cartman gets AIDS from a Tonsillectomy, which was o.k. I guess. Earlier, I watched "Ghost Hunters" (one of my favorite shows).

That's about it for tonight I guess. I just want to make a quick note that although I have posted a few lately, I may or may not have been by all your blogs as I should, but it's been busy at work, and then home so I plan on getting around to comment and visit you all asap!! Please don't put me on the shitlist if I haven't been by, I totally haven't meant to neglect anyone.

See what we can work up for tomorrow, Thursday... we're steadily making it through the week... Sweet Dreams. -AJ


Jay said...

I watched South Park tonight too. That show just isn't what it used to be.

Then I watched Lewis Black's new show right after it. There were some funny moments I guess. The show was a lot different from what I thought it would be.

Athena said...

The South Park guys have to do their turn as social prophets every once in a while. I'm surprised they didn't allude to Bush's recent trip to Africa. But the brief Nairobi scene was classic.

The Lewis Black show didn't have enough Lewis Black in it.

BBC said...

I don't watch anything on TV except for movies I rent or get from the library. Last evening I sat at a fire outside, pondering.

Yesterday I bought two thornless blackberry and two blueberry stocks, may as well have a few berries around here.

Anonymous said...

I thought South Park was very funny. Cartman was his usual cute asshole self.