Friday, March 14, 2008

Toilet Humor and TGIF

Well we have almost won the war with the week... (lots of W's huh). Things have been a little better each day this week, but it has still seemed like an extra-long hellish week to me... I've felt worn out. I'm glad it's nearly Friday.

This week's Weirdness story, which I put up for WTF Friday, is a very freakish story, one of the most senseless and weird I've heard in a while, the Women who spent two years on her boyfriend's toilet, and became fused to the toilet seat. Very interesting, read it there or go over to WTF Friday and read that and more great oddities from all my buddies.

People are nuts I tell you and you never know when they (or you yourself) might snap. Getting stuck to a toilet is only dangerous to oneself but still, something had to be horribly wrong with the lady. And ALSO, my legs go to sleep if I sit on one for more than 10 minutes (which would only happen if I were into a very interesting article, or playing Traffic Mayhem on my cellphone). But 2 YEARS!?!? Geezuzz. Yeah, I know it is only toilet 'humor' if you are sick enough to laugh at the lady (like me), but hell it's twisted and totally ignorant. Plus, the boyfriend...what's wrong with that dude anyway... why did it take him 2 years to call the cops? Nutbags.

Well this was just a quickie, as I wanted to share that weird story and also remind everyone about WTF Friday... I'll be back tomorrow with more delicious fun! TGIF Everybody!


Jay said...

There are a lot of freaking whackos out there. I guess she just reached around flushed every once in a while, huh? Did somebody feed her occasionally? I guess I could read the damn article, but that would take too much effort right now. ;-)

g-man said...

Yeah that was some sh!t. (pun intended) :) I guess that is what happens when one nut job gets involved with another. (good thing they didn't have any kids)

R.E.H. said...

That is one weird lady right there... and one weird boyfriend at that.

It would take me less than an hour to physically lift her off of that seat and firmly set her down outside the door...

Two years? What's wrong with the dude? ... and, how the heck did he use the bathroom?

Just as I wrote that I realize he must have more than one... but what about having houseguests over.

"Use the upstairs bathroom, my ex is in the downstairs one"

Further on up the road said...

two years - what the f***!

That's just too wacko for words.