Monday, March 31, 2008

Feeling A Wreck

Oh and I totally forgot to tell about my 'near miss' this morning. I guess I was so busy thinking about the current issues of the day.

Without starting an "official rant" on Memphis drivers, I will just begin by saying that when coming off an interstate ramp, you are supposed to "Yield" to anyone in lanes that are already present on said road/highway/interstate.

First off, I was in the right hand lane having to pass some bozo who was going 20 MPH, and I was in a hurry (not that I was driving my most cautious either), but this freakazoid comes off the interstate ramp, and I have a feeling he was trying to beat me or something, he's plowing down through there, the person I am passing is on the left hand side, and I am trying to get past the exit ramp before he gets off, and he nearly causes a "Sandwich" collision. I have to honk my horn and cuss at the idiot. Guess he was determined to get off the interstate ramp at all costs, but I swear, he didn't even slow down or look like he was concerned that he was about to cause the wreck of the century. Seriously, WTF?!?

How I avoided the collision I have no idea, and I'm sure the person I was passing thought I was an asshole for passing them, and then getting in a near miss like that, but it was in my opinion, a great deal the responsibility of the asswipe who is exiting the ramp that he should have to Yield until it is his freaking turn to go.

People just piss me off on the road, every day it is something or someone who is driving with their head bumping their colon.


Jay said...

This is why I would love to live either in NYC where I wouldn't have to drive to work, or in a really small town where I could walk everywhere. It would save a lot on gas money too! ;-)

Aunt Jackie said...

Yeah Jay, Totally. I have always fantasized about NYC or somewhere... Wouldn't that be cool?? Until we were beat up on the subway or robbed by Central Park I guess. lol