Saturday, January 27, 2007

Weekend Assignment

Started out on a lark, and ended up being a mini-series! :)

If you haven't yet read the story of how Aunt Jackie met and meshed with Rich the guitar god (a.k.a. Mr. J, Rich, 9 etc) then you can read them all right here. That's right. They say nothing is free but go ahead, indulge yourself-no charge:

1- More Than A Filling (A Preamble)
2- Chapter 1 - The Dark Before the Dawn
3- Chapter 2 - Strippers, Video Cams & the Unholy Crud
4- III. Pardon Me, Do you Have Prince Albert In A Can?
5 - IV. Won't You Prey For Me?
6- Chapter 5 - We're On the Highway to Hell

So, your assignment is to read the saga (in order, which makes it more affective)... The links above should get everyone caught up... I'll give everyone an easy A. Maybe I won't give you that book report after all. :)

Aunt Jackie


her indoors said...

i have caught up and am waiting for the next installment, hey can i have an A please? hope the weekend is going well x

AuntJackie said...

Yes, Her Indoors, Rockdog and Chelly all have A+, Novak has an A :)

Everyone else's grade is pending hee hee...

Much Love, AuntieJ

chelly said...

I get an A+? Yay!!! I can't wait for the next installment either.

RockDog said...

Cooooool! I'm going to post mine on the refridgerator!

Aunt Jackie said...

Oh dear! Rock i'm having to suppress taking away points for spelling! Oh, it's Monday. I'll give you a break.

Steven Novak said...

And A!?! AN A!?!?

Well, now that I got all caught up this morning am I back to an A+?

Yes? No? Maybe so? ;)


Aunt Jackie said...

Hmmm, well I dunno. How do you feel about book reports Steve-O?? haha j/k

captain corky said...

Good story Jackie! I'm looking forward to the rest. I bet you didn't see me sitting in the back of the class room all this time.

AuntJackie said...

Ahah, there you are!!! Thank you for joining us Captain! ;)