Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Onward and Upward

We're all feeling it, right? Getting back to reality and still feeling lagged after the holidays, some of us, like me, not feeling so hot. Lots of people have been sick lately. I'm still trying to catch my second wind, and have battled some sinus pains with our weather fluctuations, seems everyone stays ill around here... Lovely, lovely Memphis. It's dangerous out there, everywhere, so no matter what neighborhood you're passin through, be careful and show em who's boss!

After all of the regurgitation of holiday muck, how could anybody even think about 'how many days until Christmas'? But some evil thing made me look. So I can now tell you that as I write this, there are 355 days until Christmas. { sigh... deep breath } Ok, enough's enough right? :)

We're all in it together with high hopes of this year being far greater than the last year. Maybe it will not dissappoint, we'll try to think positive anyways. Thinking positive is supposed to be the key, right?

I feel at a loss of anything interesting to bring to the table, so I'll rely a bit on useless trivia (well, you never know). So I bring you this: Today in history looked pretty interesting... lots of neat stuff happened on this date... just thought I would share.

Jan 3rd in History:


cappy said...

how do you find time to type all this??
cool though! see you saturday night?
see the link at the top left of my site on instructions of how to listen! 9pm my time.

her indoors said...

how good are those dogs! great post and yeah its hard getting into the swing of normality so thats why i taking myself of to sunny climates ah bliss

chelly said...

Great stuff in this post.

I hear you about the post-holiday blahs. I definitely have them too.

Ordinary Janet said...

I guess Joan of Arc had bigger problems than I do. ;-)

Just remember, winter can't last much longer!