Monday, January 08, 2007

Blinded by the Light

Is it not general knowledge (or even law) that you are supposed to 'dim' your lights in the event of oncoming traffic? Or even when you're behind someone, with your high-beams on that you respectfully 'dim' them (and especially not ride their ass in this manner)?? Even if it is not law to dim lights for oncoming traffic, which I think it is, not doing so is extremely rude, annoying and blinding to the other drivers. I've been blinded numerous times by 'oncoming morons' as well as morons who are tailgaiting me with their high-beams on. No matter what I do to try to 'alert them nicely' to the situation, nothing helps. I have fantasized having some strange 'Go-Go-Gadget Blinder-Reverser!!' attached to my vehicle to make the obnoxious driver sorry they set foot on the road that day, but i'm sure it wouldn't matter [I've got this invention in the works though, so watch out!].

When I was learning to drive, I remember this being taught to me. If it is not being taught now, it definitely should be... or maybe it is and people just don't give a damn. That wouldn't surprise me one bit. There are so many things that I could discuss in regard to bad drivers, even more than i've already written about.

Anyone reading, please just think about it next time you're cruising along with the most obnoxious lights and you meet or pull up behind a fellow driver, respectfully flip them to 'DIM'... It might not only save their sight, and prevent a possible accident on the road due to blinding them, it may also save you from the possibility of someone jumping out and kicking your ass.

*This has been another public service announcement brought to you courtesy of everyone's favorite Aunt Jackie*


Cindi said...

This annoys the hell out of me too! I used to always wish I had some sort of illuminated sign rigged up in my back window which would say either "Back off my butt!" or "Please turn off your brights!" and all I would have to do is push a button and those signs would pop up in my window so the driver behind me would see it! Sometimes when someone is behind me who is too close and has their brights on, I will move my driver's side rear-view mirror away from me and aim the bright light reflection right back at them hoping they will get the message.

Aunt Jackie said...

Thank you!!! Someone who understands... Together, we can stop them!! :P