Tuesday, January 09, 2007

6 weird things about me

Ok, consider me tagged by Drunk Punk... I'll ditto his comment that nobody should HAVE to be tagged, and I am willingly listing the 6 Weird Things About Me... you can put yours if you'd like too.

That IS if I can think up six
(here goes):

1) I can play piano by ear, although I have never taken lessons.

2) I have an obscession with animal-noses... I have to touch them and tweak them.

3) I have mysteriously sweaty feet. At the end of the day, socks or no socks, or even if i'm wearing sandals, they absolutely reek! I have to go straight & wash them or Mr. J has a fit.

4) I enjoy the feel of a tattoo needle, it doesn't hurt, it exhilerates me. (love the smell of the parlor too).

5) I was actually part of a "B&E" (breaking & entering) once with my best friend Kathy, when she coerced me into going into her "then crush's" house while he wasn't home.

6) I can do 'Automatic Writing' (google it if you don't know what it is).

Since 4D has declared no tags, then we'll keep it "no tags". :)

On with the show.


Nana said...

I can vouch for the WANGS!!!! Stinky feet that is.

Barnze said...

true that a tattoo parlour does smell good,mind you not as good as an indian spice shop,Now thats a good smell.


weird? you? never!

her indoors said...

you sure a tattoo needle don't hurt? i just cant even think about it ouch!

AuntJackie said...

@Nana: I can do without your help! ;)

@Barnze: Yes, that's a definite close second... Indian spices yum!

@4D: Weird and Proud! I carry my freak flag high.

@herindoors: I promise, it's great, but it's not for everybody... but it is addictive.

Steven Novak said...

I"d like to see you tweak a panthers nose.

Seriously...go ahead...it won't bite...I promise. ;)


AuntJackie said...

Steven--Hmmm, bring it on. I can take him!! Putty in my hands ;)

Barnze said...

Koalas noses are nice!

Aunt Jackie said...

Oh... I've never gotten to be near a Koala :( I bet they would have nice little noses.

Chelly said...

I love these kinds of posts AJ! More I say! And you're the coolest!