Tuesday, January 30, 2007

IV. Won't You Prey For Me?

"Love is the answer, but while you are waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions." ~Woody Allen

Metal music and tattoos are somewhat like Spaghetti and sauce, usually mixed in together somehow. So, it was only fitting that the bands would book a big show down at a tattoo shop downtown formerly called "The Inkwell". The Inkwell had been the setting of quite a few shows, since it had the space, turned out to be a semi-popular setting for it.

On this particular night, they had scheduled an event which consisted of a big group of bands, all anxious to play their gig. We had a good crowd going that night too, most bands have their 'regulars', friends and/or family that tag along so the scene was set for a good show. However, as most people who have been a part of bands, or dealt with bookings you know that if you're set to go on at 9:00, you probably end up playing sometime closer to 11:00. This night was all that and more. Something happened in the earlier part of the gig that severely screwed up the rest of the schedule, so all the bands were edgy and pissed. Rich's band was supposed to go on, I think, sometime around 10, maybe 11:00. It was after 1:00 a.m., and they still hadn't played.

Tamra and I were outside gathering with the rest of the people who were waiting to see the show and just passing time. Rich was sitting over by the wall hanging out with some people... In the last few days I had started harboring "thoughts" about him, so I was sitting back sort of observing from afar. Watching him, as he waited outside, talking, laughing and goofing around. 'He is cute...' i'm thinking slyly to myself, 'I wonder--' {Let me stop myself there} Yes, I began to wonder alot of things that I hadn't wondered about before. What would I do with this new-found interest I had developed? It had taken me a bit by surprise, you know like I had been playing around on the railroad tracks doing that thing we've all done at one point or another, putting pennies on the track and waiting for the train to run over them and flatten them out... Only this time, I stood on the tracks in a daze too long and the train smacked me into the middle of next month.

Well, I knew I had changed my tune so what was I going to do about it? What does any woman do when they need to execute their evil plan? They tell their best friend about it and discuss exactly how to stalk and conquer their prey. They laugh and plot, and talk about sorted details, speculating the size of selected prey's member, and calculate just how to snap their necks and get their attention.

As I stated before, I believed that he had tried all he was going to try and virtually given up on me as any sort of conquest. He was just hanging out being a friend. [That is, if these sort of thoughts ever really leave a guy's mind].

Tamra encouraged me, prodding me to go on and talk to him if that's truly what I wanted to do... So I go over and there aren't any places to sit except for his lap, so he offers his leg up. We're all just being silly, laughing and chatting. Some of the people that have been sitting around have moved back into the building, and Richie asked me if I wanted to sit in Gray's Yukon for a while and we could listen to some music and hang out. "Sure" I said. So off he goes to borrow the keys.

We hung out in the Yukon for a long time. I was flirtatious, showing my interest where I hadn't previously shown any interest. I think it took him somewhat by surprise too. Making serious eye contact, creating a sensual vibe, I had him right where I wanted him!

This was great... this was...

...Just in time for Rich's band to go on stage... 'Oh NOW they decide to straighten out the schedule... (damnit!)' I think to myself. 'Alright Rich, you narrowly escaped this time... next time, though, you won't be so lucky! Yessir! There'll be a next time. Sooner than you think!'

{To Be Continued} <--that's right, I can't possibly end it on chapter 4! That's not a good number for me.

Tune in next time for the 'final chapter', when Jackie takes the ride of her life, and Rich comes up with maybe the best line ever used on a woman!


Chelly said...

You're really killing us AJ! We have to wait yet again.

Come on Part 5! :)

captain corky said...

Cant wait for the next installment or the best line ever used on a woman. This is going to be good.

Thanks for the link. I'm going to add yours tonight.

RockDog said...

Now you know I have to come back for the best line ever used on a woman...that's a lot fo pressure to deliver the goods!

Just how big was this tattoo parlor?

AuntJackie said...

Aww man, what if I give all this information only to disappoint?? Uh oh--stage fright! :) lol

Rock, the tattoo parlor wasn't THAT big, but it had a space over on the side that they'd have gigs. Cramped, loud and seedy... bout it.