Friday, January 12, 2007

Casually Speaking...

Well, happy Friday everyone. We (I) made it through our (my) first full week at work since the holidays only to have a holiday coming up this Monday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday. That's right, a 3 day weekend upon me-What WILL I do with all of the extra time? Hmmmm.

Thought i'd throw a little cartoon I found online at (it didn't say copyright, I'm telling you where it is-I just thought it would be slightly funny for the afternoon). Casual Friday... oh how I love Casual Friday, because I struggle all week with what to wear that can pass the office attire test, and it is so hard sometimes. I'm not quite the shopper other women are... despise shopping!! So Fridays are the days when I can throw on my jeans and feel [somewhat] comfortable.

I hope that everyone had a great week... and that you have an even better weekend. My thoughts go out to Chelly, who has been sick with that Flu bug for the last couple of days... Chelly you get well girl! We miss you around here... and I hope you're feeling more like yourself... soon!

Found another cool word verification word that I thought we could make a little 'something' out of... Use it in a sentence. I'll start. My entry is "Stop playing with your food Bobby before I knock the jjeemsus out of you!!!!" (go!!)


RockDog said...

Holy Jjeemsus! Interesting blog you have here! Came here from Mr. Novak's blog...will be back to read more!

Rock ON!

AuntJackie said...

Hey Rockdog! Thanks for popping in. Love Novak's blog, checked out some of yours too... i'll be back! :)

her indoors said...

jjeemsus is it that time already!
have a great weekend x

Chelly said...

Holy jjeemus, you're so sweet Auntie Jackie! Thank you girl!