Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Tamra!

I think it's true that a diamond doesn't know its worth, because everyone admires its beauty from time-to-time, but maybe its taken for granted that it is so special in its own way. People are blinded by the way it glistens, or makes them look good, but never take the time to allow it to come to the realization that it is so special just because theres no other one cut just like that one.

My best bud Tamra, is one of those, with a cut like none other, she doesn't know how wonderful she is or how the world is a better place because she is here.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doesn't the time fly? Just seems like yesterday that we were cruising with Big E. The two "Blonde Mamas" as Bo used to call us, causing trouble everywhere, the prank phone calls and general mayhem that we enjoyed inflicting... Where does it all go? We became nicknamed 'The Evil Duo'. Maybe i'll make everyone wait another day for the Mr. J saga, and instead tell a wicked tale of two dark-hearted, evil and magical girls and the pain we've inflicted on our victims :) Have a great day T... Love you. Jackie

**Updated note: I won't have time to work up a story of the "Evil Duo" today, and I'd like to confer with Tamra before I do anyway. So, another day then.**

Tune in tomorrow for Chapter 3 of our Story on Mr. J. Today we'll just sit back and call it International Tamra Day. There you go, a day in your honor!


RockDog said...

If you rub Tamra on glass will she cut it???

Happy Birthday...!

Nana said...

Cute picture Happy Birthday Tamra...!

Aunt Jackie said...

Yes... yes, we both will. We're just that sharp!! :D

Nana! Yay!! Hope you're having a good day all!

drunk punk said...

happy birthday Tamra. Got a mate who's a diamond geezer n all.

her indoors said...

what a lovely way to describe your mate, happy birthday Tamra, and oh oh Elvis

Chelly said...

Happy B-day Tamra! What a lovely tribute!

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone!

And special thanks to J. This is awesome!