Saturday, January 06, 2007

Here Comes The Sun

Well, "Sun Studio" that is. Yes, this very night (now morning), we had four of our recorded songs mixed and mastered at Legendary Sun Studio. This is my first real experience in a real studio with people who have recorded the likes of Elvis Presley, U2, Beck, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, B.B. King, Gene Simmons, and so many more! Not done yet--just four of our songs so far, but it's a start.

Hard for me to describe what we sound like, or if we sound like anyone (maybe you'll get to hear some of it someday)... Seems to me that it is different sounding, what we're playing, but I just love music and all I know is that I enjoy playing... put me behind my keyboard and i'm happy... so is it Rock-n-Roll? Blues? Heavy stuff? Maybe... maybe all that and more... but it's not Country music (which was the ultimate dream of my Mother and Father... they baited my crib with radios and played records since before I could speak-much less sing, hoping that i'd be Nashville's next country sensation). Sorry Mom-Sorry Dad!! I may not be a Nashville star but hey, I'm stepping into the studio behind some great legends... and even if that's as close as I get, it's alright with me. Just give me my piano! :)

Couldn't get my camera to act right, so I did a scan of the 'Master CD' that the fine engineers over at "Sun Studio" burned and put in our hot little hands. The name of the album is not here, but we're planning on calling this one "Chemical Summer" (the title track off the CD, which is one Mr. J wrote somewhat about Syd Barrett, late-great original and founder of Pink Floyd).
I give you a snapshot of the very first copy of SAP's Sun Studio sessions... Rock on!


chelly said...

Holy smokes! That is so cool AJ! What an honor! I forgot that you were in a band. Oooh, will we get a chance to hear an mp3 or something?

Rock on girl!

Aunt Jackie said...

Thanks Chelly!! I hope to let some folks hear it soon!! Hope you have a great week!

cappy said...

just listened to your tracks. yes i know i am lazy! but girl you rock!
sent a mail!!

Anonymous said...

Sid was CO-founder.