Thursday, January 11, 2007

Something To Brag About

Well, how many people can boast this? According to our always bright-n-cheery Memphis news channel, seems as though we're reaching new heights in excellence. Last night a gas-station homicide marks Memphis' 8th murder of the year. That's right, it's January 11th and there have been eight (8) murders so far.
Read full story "Overnight shooting ends in city's 8th murder"

Only 8!?!? What's the matter guys, sitting down on the job?? Where were you the other 3 days?

Just plain disgusting, and i'm sure many of you can identify what with all of the shootings, stabbings, rapes, robberies and general mayhem that is going on everywhere. We should bring back "certain death-type punishments" such as executions at gunpoint, or my idea of 'eye for an eye'. Maybe it would make some of these useless wastes of human flesh actually think for a second with the tiny pea brains that were given to them... Sorry to start the day off with a bang (no pun intended), but it just makes me ill.


Dan said...

Well, there were a couple of holidays in there: New Year's Day, Gerald Ford's funeral, etc.

Do you expect the murderers to work on those days when the post office isn't even open??

Barnze said...

Quiet here unall,bring it back.

Steven Novak said...

8 murders in 11 days...

That's impressive.



drunkpunk said...

amazed no dad/mum/sister/brother etc hasn't topped the scumbag who hurt/killed their kid/bro/sis etc etc yet. Anybody hurt Caz or Jax fuck the law.

AuntJackie said...

@dan: I figured they were workaholics at the rate they're goin.

@barnze: I wish we could share our statistics instead of keepin em' all to ourselves.

@steven: Thank you, we try ;)

@drunkpunk: I totally agree... eye for an eye man, and my parents feel the same way about it... it's natural