Monday, January 22, 2007

The Monday Junk

Come Mondays, everyone wishes they were doing just what Mr. J is doing here in this little photo, eh? This was a snapshot of my guy slurping up the suds on New Year's Eve... ahhh he loves his brew! I'll put him in a drinking contest one of these days with Barnze, Cappy and Drunk Punk and see who comes out on top! That would be a sight wouldn't it??

At any rate, I'd like to thank everyone for such warm wishes on my upcoming tooth trauma, which will be Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. CST (U.S.A.) if you wanna think a positive thought for me at that moment. Looking forward to getting that over with! After the whole Root canal, I get a crown and all that... guess it will look like it never happened... hopefully.

On to other matters... we had four more songs mastered up over at Sun Studio this past Saturday, of course I stayed home and moped since I wasn't feeling well but Rob the Drummer says that they all turned out top notch. Will hear them tonight when I get to band practice... Other than that, just having a rather uneventful, general day... Would've been a better day for a story but unfortunately, i'm feeling too lazy for creative writing... maybe tomorrow...

Maybe I'll do the one about Meeting Mr. J... I actually saw him for the first time when he was still playing with his band "Gutterbitch"... but we actually met later, when he was with the other band, "Legion of Divine Punishment". He wooed me with his guitar skills and by drawing dirty pictures on my arm, and I wooed him with--well let's not mention that!! ;)

Will work this story up soon! Have a splendid day all!


chelly said...

Oh Aunt Jackie, Wednesday at 1:00pm CST, I will be sending good thoughts and vibes your way. It'll all go well honey! :)

That's a nice pic of Mr. J and I can't wait for the "how Aunt Jackie met Mr. J story".

Love this quote:

"He wooed me with his guitar skills and by drawing dirty pictures on my arm, and I wooed him with--well let's not mention that!!"

RockDog said...

Good luck with the root canal.

Looking forward to more stories!

Beer is good!

Mmmmmm, beer!

drunk punk said...

try not to dribble yer drinks after the dentist. hope it goes well. drinkin' contest eh? how about the winner has to down a pint in one. Just to top him off you understand....

Aunt Jackie said...

Chelly-Awww thank you! Yes, maybe i'll work that story up today since i've just returned from "El Driller of Teeth" lmao

Rock-Thanks a bunch... soon!

Drunk-You're the sweetest... and I don't think that Mr. J would argue with you on any pints! Cheers!!

Barnze said...

Go Mr J...Ya just can't beat a cold one!