Friday, October 23, 2009

Whatever, Whatever

Today being Friday seems like a good day to just ramble... get "whatever" off my chest. Whatever, I say, because I don't know what will come out and I will just play it by ear (like I do most stuff).

I've already mentioned on Facebook that we decided to adopt a new puppy. He is a German Shepherd and supposed to be full-blooded. However, I don't quite know if I trust my husband's assessment of these things because when he surprised me with our first dog, Sal, he asked me "Do you want a German Shepherd puppy?" and I pictured this cute little 'tootsie-roll' looking baby dog, all fuzzy and cuddly, and he brought me home a full grown "Something-or-another". LOL :) Sal (short for Salvador, after Salvador Dali, is some sort of cross between possibly a German Shepherd and I think maybe an Akita. He has a thicker coat than a regular GS, and has a fluffy curly tail. He is also shorter in stature. His markings are very similar to the Shepherd though, and he is very cute, obedient and smart.

I have seen a photo of this one though, and I guess you could basically call him a 'teenager'. His ears are already up, but he has yet to grow into them fully. I can't wait to meet him. We're just thinking of names now, and we are famous for goofy names... especially me. Hopefully we won't humiliate the little guy too badly. Photos and updates to come soon rest assured.

The whole month of October has been quite rainy mostly here in the Memphis area. We had pretty nice weather last weekend when we were in Hot Springs, of course. Then the first part of this week was nice, and I neglected my motorcycle out of sheer laziness. The mornings were chilly, and I didn't want to go to the trouble of "suiting up". Then the rain returned yesterday, and I still made the most of it by sitting at the park with the engine turned off and meditating to the raindrops falling on the top of my car-Talk about relaxing! Today began as kind of rainy, but it supposed to clear off and make way for another very nice weekend. I will definitely be riding Jimi some then over the weekend. Maybe I will take some nice photos too.

Halloween is coming up too, and I would like to decorate the house a bit, and look festive. Last year was a bad year for us during the holiday season due to my Dad's health issues getting worse, and this year has been very hard since his passing in January. This year meant that every holiday we have endured has been the first of each without Daddy. Although I am dealing quite well under the circumstances, and taking each day as it comes... working (I think) in a healthy way through the grief process, and knowing that he is happy and doing well in such a better place, the worst part is always Mom.

She is trying, and she is adjusting but at a very slow pace. I guess it is completely different when it's your spouse, partner, soulmate-the person who you made a life with for 48 years. She knows he is better now, and she would never wish him to still be here and in such a painful or suffering state, but still she can't yet seem to want to find reasons to go on LIVING herself. She is not the same fiesty woman with boundless energy as she was. She stays so very lonely, and just doesn't have any interest in doing much of anything, or going anywhere. I know it is a process, and I do what I can to help.

Rarely do I know the right thing to do or say.

So back to what I was saying about my home and the holidays, and decorations, etc... I want to really try to fix up and make things look festive. Whether I accomplish this or not is anybody's guess!

Happy weekending y'all. ;-)


Four Dinners said...

Pics of the new hound please!

Festive! Humbug!!....;-)

Might get a tree. Might.

Nothingman said...

I wish i could keep a dog or a cat, but I live alone, so... :/

hope you have a good Halloween :)


Jay said...

German Shepherds are great dogs.

I don't do Halloween. I just don't really like it.