Thursday, October 01, 2009

Kentucky Rain and Other Pain

I thought aside from my WWC photos the other day, I might share with you the other few photos I captured, which were nothing to write home about but at least some documentation of the trip. I'll get to those in a minute... first I'll blog.

Well it is the first of October... my favorite month of the year! It denotes fall, which is officially here, but not quite painted up in all its glory just yet. I love the colors of fall. There's just something magical in the crisp cool air that breathes new life into our tired souls (mine anyway).

Yes, 2009 has been a rough year for so many of us. More trials, more lessons and if you are reading this then you are winning. You are still here, and you still have another day and another chance to do something that makes a difference... whatever that may be for you.

We have a tendency to get so caught up in what is wrong in OUR lives, and what WE don't have, or for the shiny bauble that we can't seem to afford that we forget there are so many other people less fortunate, or in need. It's those people less fortunate than us most times that seem to have it all together, and even seem to be MORE thankful than we are.

That's just sad.

I think about these kinds of things on a nearly day-to-day basis, but it was driven home from something that my B.F.F. Tamra said in an e-mail earlier to me. Her words made me very proud of her, she has come such a long way in her own life with her thoughts and attitudes and actions.

Hopefully, she won't care if I share this blurb... we were discussing a lot of things, one of which was animals and animal rights because we both feel very strongly on the subject.

She said, "I really get sick of humans always worrying about how they look or how much they've got.... at least they aren't crammed into a cage, then tortured and killed because someone thinks the more pain the animal endures, the better the meat will taste... every time [my daughter] starts up on feeling down about stupid shit, I remind her of other bad things in the world and that she doesn't have it bad at all. Right now as I speak, some animal is being tortured for food or their hides, and some little kid is lying up with cancer, not ever knowing what a normal childhood is... oh well, don't get me started on that either... most people are so selfish and its always me me me... get over yourself... RAH! People are also lazy, there is so much that could be done and not done, but most people are not willing to let go of their egos."

I dig that... it is so F'ing true.

Although she and I don't totally sit in agreement with every single issue, or our tastes on things vary I can still sit and admire the things that she is doing in her life, and the efforts she works toward. She is trying to make a difference, and I like to take a page or two from her book of life.

Tamra, I want you to know that I am very proud of you, and how glad I am that we are still "sisters", even if we don't get to be around one another much these days, you really rock.

So the rest of this week, I've just been trying to get back on schedule after the trip, and that's always hard it seems, to "switch modes". I feel more and more every day the true urge to just pack it all up, sell what I can't take with me and hit the road running. We wrap ourselves up so much in the daily grind. It's nobody's fault but our own. Once we get what we thought we wanted, we just start moaning about it so it just goes to show you the grass is always greener.

Like "BBC" says, we really ought to learn to live simply... when was the last time you felt unadulterated JOY because you didn't have a thing to worry about? When was the last time you felt you could just do something spontaneously because everything else could wait? I am willing to bet that it has been a while, or it's not that often. Why then?? What is stopping you?

Guys, truly... the only thing we really HAVE to do while we are here on this Earth is die, and by that I mean merely changing vehicles and scenery (when our time comes), and that time is really short. We should take pages from these fine people's books and start back "Living Simply" and "Letting Go Of Our Massive Egos".

Let's do something positive, something to make someone else happy today. Let's make a difference, while we can!

With that, I'll leave you with my Road Trip Slideshow... enjoy!


Four Dinners said...

I've got Caz and Jax and beer and vodka. I need more? Nah. Well except a trip to Michigan ;-)

Jay said...

Loved the photos. Looks like a fun time!