Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sit and Fall (WWC)

That's right, I am going to dive into some of my Hot Springs Photos and participate in this week's Weekly Words Challenge (WWC) brought to us by the ever-amazing Tink (formerly of Pickled Beef, but still on the net).

This week's words are, as you may have guessed, "Sit" and "Fall".

I'll try my best to get a few in here.

Fog on Lake Hamilton, Chilly Fall Morning

Fall Is Beginning To Show In The Trees

Caught A Cool Spider Web.
But the Stairs Would Be A Nasty Fall!

A Comfortable Place To Sit And Eat Your Dinner

Fall Sunrise At Lake Hamilton

This Little Guy Decided To Sit And Enjoy The Sunrise With Me


Niki said...

The first and last photos are amazing!

Reb said...

Those are wonderful. I love the silhouette of the heron.

Jay said...

Every one of those photos are really beautiful. Great job babe! ;-)

Four Dinners said...

Beautiful pics indeed.

We only have 'fall' over here when I've had too much...;-)

Furtheron said...

the fog on the lake picture is utterly brilliant