Friday, October 02, 2009

I Want To Break Free

Today I have conjured up a whole slew of cool junk to blog about this month as I begin trying to make it through the entire month of October for my NaBloPoMo theme of "Haunted". The rules of course are simple, just blog every day for the month. It's not forced, of course, it's a choice to become a part of the blogroll. I do it some months, when I feel I can, and others I know I won't I just do not participate. However, I enjoy it, so here it is. October!

I will begin to tackle a lot of cool topics which might help you to get to know me (Aunt Jackie) better in the coming days, so I invite you to join me and read, comment and bring your friends!

For today, though I would simply like to remember a one-of-a-kind, musical genius. The man, the legend, "Freddie Mercury". A voice like none other, and his song is still so haunting to me.

Long Live Freddie Mercury

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Four Dinners said...

who doesn't???

let's start a world revolution!!

from every little acorn eh?

4D xx