Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ear Pain

Sylph shared This Funny Video today on Facebook.

Ahhh the auto tuner. It's funny, when they do spoofs and all, but I don't quite understand why they want so much to use this. It may have its place, in parts of songs for effect, but now artists are getting lazy and beginning to use it all the time.

When did it happen that it is not necessary to carry your own tune, be able to sing in order to be a singer? It just kind of sucks if you ask me. But nobody is really asking me.

Certainly, I have had zero calls from these multi-million dollar recording artists asking my opinion on singing technique and whether or not they need to incorporate the auto tuner into their work. They have enough cash, they're not even worried about it.

Now, they even have this I Am T-Pain iPhone Application so people can sing right into their phone and get the same effect. More money... Interesting. Why can't I invent something useless like that?

Where did this Auto-Tune phenomenon come from?? Click Here To Read More Shocking Auto-Tune Info and Even Confessions From Your Favorite "Artists".


Four Dinners said...

easy money babe. Everyone wants easy money. Human nature.

Mind you, Wendy James never did that....mmmmmmmmm...Wendy James

er...Transvision Vamp. You must have heard 'em...late 80's onwards? Just posted a vid of them....

Jay said...

I saw Ellen using that auto tune thing on her show one day. It was kind of hilarious and I think I would like to have one.

But, I prefer my musical acts to actually be able to sing. ;-)