Monday, October 12, 2009

Small Town

I was born in a small town.

No, this isn't the intro to a John Mellencamp song.

Okay, so I wasn't actually born in the small town, I was born in Memphis, which is not the largest city, but certainly much bigger than this Mayberry-like utopia that I grew up in.

Mine was a dry county (still is). I just find that so funny in a way, how many counties are really still "dry" these days? That did not stop people from drinking of course, as the nearest liquor stores were only 7 miles either way across the county lines.

Small town life, although it seemed so lame and boring as I was growing up, had its 'advantages'.

Everybody waves at everybody.

Traffic was never that bad.

It's annoying sometimes, though because everybody knows your business. If they don't know, someone else does know and tells them. So nothing is ever much of a secret around those parts.

I don't know... As I was on my way home from Mom's the other day, riding my bike, I went down old Main Street and breathed in the "oldness" of the town. There is a peaceful simplicity in the air, things just move slower. I sometimes really wish I could rewind and get back to that simple time when nothing was really that big a deal, we didn't really worry about much and everyone seemed so much happier.


Here, Lou Reed, You take it from here...

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Jay said...

I was born in Yellville, Arkansas. Population 1,216 (saaaaaaalute!). It's in Marion County. They just voted to go "wet" in 2008.

I currently live about 30 minutes from there. In a "dry" county. A dry county with 3 private clubs and two restaurants with requests to serve beer and wine pending. ;-)