Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nothing and Nowhere

So I broke my posting vows for October on Friday, and I am not going to do a "make-up" post. We were in Hot Springs, and I only had my Crackberry, and honestly just didn't feel like typing up any blog posts from the tiny little excuse for a keyboard. On top of that, really didn't have anything to say. Hard to force out something all the time. Usually I am very good at these "post-a-day" rituals, when I choose to partake, but I just haven't had much of interest on the brain lately. Nothing that ought be shared with mixed company anyway. ha-ha I jest... sort of.

The weekend sped by alarmingly fast, and honestly we didn't do anything. We ate lunch, we ate supper, we watched movies. I made coffee on a chilly fall morning and drank way too much of it. I took photographs of the same views of the lake as I took last time. I especially love the mornings in October there on Lake Hamilton when it is foggy.

However, I still feel like I did not capture much of interest, but I will still share some of what I did photograph probably tomorrow. Maybe there will be something you like.

Oh there was this very lovely crane sitting on top of the little dock in the early morning which I caught a cool silhouette of at sunrise. So that was neat... I love birds.

We thought about taking one of the "Duck Ride Tours" around the lake, but that fizzled out. We were going to see the "Gangster Museum", but found ourselves far too lazy to go and get cash for the parking in Downtown Hot Springs. We are such duds.

Then again, maybe a relaxing uneventful weekend of doing mostly nothing was just what I needed. At least it was a break from the "Drop In Without Calling" visitors... It's nice sometimes to be too many hours away to be bombarded.

Kind of didn't want to come home this morning. Who can blame me for that! :)


Four Dinners said...

Try having a relaxing 6 weeks doing nothing!!! Works for me...;-)

Glad you enjoyed babe x

Nothingman said...

I require a holiday. My weekends are booked with meeting people and doing things :/

Show us the piccies AJ!

I wanna do these one blog post each day thing some month. Should be fun!