Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Gospel Of Ginger

The Sound Of My Neice's Voice is...
Hauntingly beautiful.

We have been singing at my piano together since we were kids. We've always enjoyed music together like that, and today was no different. We did this for an old-fashioned church event for my Mom, well, they keep requesting us back and we do it not just for Mom but because it's also nice to uplift people just by the sound of our voices.

Ahh to move a room with just a song.

I love to sing, singing anything really. Rock, Blues, Soul, R&B, Punk, Grunge, etc... as long as music moves the soul, I am in! Ginger's voice moves the soul.

Whether you like Gospel or not is not something I am asking, nor am I interested in. I don't wanna hear anybody's religious views, that's not what this is about. Seriously, don't "God" or "Anti-God" me.
Gospel music is not my forte either (you can thank the little ol' blue-haired, tone deaf church ladies for that). However, I do like Soul, R&B and anything with feeling and emotion.

She has all that and more.

The girl's got a set of pipes. I am very proud.


Jay said...

She's very good!

Chelly said...

Love it! Pure awesomeness :)

Furtheron said...

She can sing - like the guitarist too.

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

Thanks guys, I am proud of her. :)

As far as guitarist, she didn't have a band at her disposal and used background track music, but still sounds ok for being recorded without musicians right there.


Four Dinners said...


Be proud. Kid's got talent babe! x

BBC said...

Some christian music is okay, much of it offends me because it's just a bunch of brainwashing about a buddy in the sky out there.

Amazing Grace, how sweet thy tits, that saved a soul like meeeee.

I once was lost but now I'm bound to your hole.

Oh hell, never mind.

BBC said...

Of course Jesus loves her, he would love her more if she would lay down.

Aunt Jackie said...

BBC, When you make comments to me about a lot of nonsense, I look over it, but making comments to my niece like that will not be tolerated.

I like you, I think some of the things you post are funny, but that was just over the line...

That's my family, and as I stated when I posted that I did not want to hear any nonsense.

I'm not asking for a sugar-coated comment, If you dislike gospel, or don't believe in Jesus or just any of your usual negative rants, that's fine. Free speech and all.

Just leave my niece out of your sexual and verbal abuse of women.

Aunt Jackie said...

Four Dinners (drunk punk), Jay, Chelly, they're friends. They are not classically "religious" or Christian per se, I am not into organized religion either.

They still had the decency to just state opinion and not be disrespectful to my family.

I give you respect, I expect respect.

This goes for anyone.