Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hot Springs

We're hanging out in Hot Springs for the weekend. We thought it was about darn time to be spontaneous again. Having to plan for every little thing and slaving to a clock sucks, so it's nice to get away... I'll be snapping photos and posting more. Happy weekend!!!


SylphSong said...

Excellent news!!! Play!

Four Dinners said...

Have fun babe, You need a bit of fun!

Scarlet said...

Have the time of your life...and I'll be back for the pics/stories!

BBC said...

I don't suppose you mean Hot Springs, Ca. Yeah, chill out, relax and have a little fun. Don't take life and humanity as serious as I do.

I think I'll head out camping later in the week, that's my enjoyment.

Anonymous said...

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