Monday, June 08, 2009

The Monday Report

Future Real American Hero!

I Believe The Children Are Our Future... lol

My little nephew Blade is quite a kid, he's only 2 yrs old but he already tries to drive everything, and there isn't anything that he doesn't think he can tackle (and he tries!) The photo above was taken at 'home' when I visited Mom the other day. My niece and her husband were there, he was helping do some yard stuff for Mom, and Brandy had the baby there. So of course he was a handful and needed close observation. If nothing else, so that he wouldn't run out and try to follow his dad on the tractor while he was trying to do the bushhogging.

That would've been a nice disaster to start the week off right. However, once his dad finished up, he did give him a ride on the tractor, which seemed to make him happy enough for the moment. Please note that he got up on this piece of machinery all by himself, no lie. He also attempted to crank it, but his efforts were thwarted by his dad very quickly. I'm merely waiting for the day when we do get a story about him driving to town at 4 years of age or something like that. He'll make all the papers, so be watching for that.

Other than that, you also know that I rode my bike a lot over the weekend, and the weather was plenty peachy for it. We also did some work on the pool in an attempt to lessen the eco system that we had growing back there. Several bullfrogs, toads and others, along with millions of tadpoles. You know me, I saved what I could and there were some that i couldn't. Such it the circle of life, but I still didn't like it.

No sign of "Mr. Snake" in the pool though, maybe he made his way over to the big lake to rejoin his family. I'm sure he'll be kind enough to visit.

Back to work it was today after such a short-lived weekend, and they all are. I just tried my best to relax and enjoy all the "deep breaths" and sighs that I could, and take a couple of mindless soaks in my claw foot bathtub. But inevitably, I had to start another week.

Had a slight "burp" though over the weekend as you may have noticed with the posting, while I am trying for daily posting for the June "NaBloPoMo". I cheated on one spot but I am going to try to keep with the regularity of it.

Speaking of burps, Mr. J has begun recording a new doom-type show, it is called "1000 Ways To Die". ('Great. Just Great' I thought, 'another doomsday dude series') The show is on Spike TV (if you're familiar with that), and you should check it out if you like that sort of thing.

The episode that I watched was called "Gut Busted" (Click Here or the pic To Watch -Yuck!).

Basically I'll describe what happened, for those of you who can't "stomach" (for lack of better word) the video. There's this dude, right? He's not in the best of shape, and he and his girlfriend (which they depicted as unlikely-cute for him) were sitting in a restaurant. He's sitting there eating his shitty bar food and his girlfriend is showing disgust at his eating habits and just rolling her eyes as he snacks down on fatty foods and ogles the waitress, etc. So the dude starts burping. At first, she's like "Ahhh, gross!" and still rolling her eyes (most likely rethinking the relationship). He doesn't seem to be able to stop burping.

Then the scientific dude from the show comes on and basically says that what the guy had wrong was ulcers in his stomach, which are basically like sores we get on the outside but they're on the inside and it's like your stomach acids keep the thing all messed up, and they get worse with bad diets, etc. So anyway, guess this guy had really done a number on his and for some reason they were causing him to belch incessantly. Dude basically stands up and asks his girlfriend to punch him in the stomach, thinking that it would help him release the gas bubbles probably and put an end to his burp-session. She's kind of weirded out by the request, and says "Are you sure?!?!" and he's like, "Yeah yeah just hit me in the stomach, right there."

So the girl hauls off and gives him a good sock in the gut and he basically just keeled over and kicked the proverbial bucket (o'chicken).

Then the scientific dude comes back and said that basically with the condition of this guy's stomach, ulcers and all, when she hit him his stomach exploded and emptied out into the body... and The End... I was just horrified and grossed out too. With my paranoid and over analytical nature, I just don't need to watch stuff like this.

Later on that night, as we were preparing to go to bed, Mr. J casually mentioned that he couldn't stop burping and I had a super-holistic hissy fit and nearly called 9-1-1. HAHA!!

No worries, he was fine, he lived to burp another day. He says I can't watch that show anymore.

Now I am basically about to finish up a few things and wrap it up over here, not sure what the evening will hold in Aunt Jackie-ville but I'm sure it will be worth blogging about later. If not, I will try to find a way to make it interesting. :)


Jay said...

So was the dude's girlfriend arrested for man slaughter? Or did his family sue the girlfriend for wrongful death? I'm afraid I need all the details of this incident. haha ;-)

Furtheron said...

1000 ways to die!!! who the heck thinks up these programmes!

g-man said...

Burrrrp.. :)

Just what we need, another 'reality' show.

I liked to drive stuff when I was a kid too. Go Blade.

Gramps said...

Hmm...thanks for the story. I'm never going out with Granny to a restaurant again.

Aunt Jackie said...

@Jay: Hmmmm, that's a good question, shall we work together to research this?? :))

@Furtheron: Yeah I know right!!

@g-man: LOL I know, I hate that stuff. Yep I've been driving since I was 2 years old. But really.

@Gramps: Awww don't let that happen!!! Y'all keep living it up!