Thursday, June 25, 2009

On We Roll

The year is halfway faded, some has been ill-fated but now on we roll. Most of June has passed, nothing lovely ever lasts, now all the birthday kids are grown... on we roll.

That's my poetic way of beginning the post. ;)

In fact, there have been a lot of spring and early summer birthdays we have gotten through, and as stated before the difficult firsts of all the holidays of the year without my father... and on we have to roll. We have no other choice. No matter what life tosses us, we have to dodge, or catch it with full-on force and keep moving on towards the goal line. It's hard sometimes, I know.

Our difficult days and our dark and violent storms are what carries us through to the most beautiful days ever so I'm glad for them all... I know things will get better.

Here are the only things I have to show for my birthday this past Monday (6/22).

First and foremost, my beautiful Mother gave me this birthday card with lunch money in it... It's a lovely card and a lovely verse. Mom said I'd probably rather not have her chicken-scratch in it, but I told her that it was the best part... and that I loved it... and I loved her. How lucky was I to be granted the best Mom in the entire universe? What will I do one day when it is her time to move on and go be with Dad again?? Will I survive?

My Mom and Dad are the only two people ever in my life who have never let me down.

Card from Mom (Front)

Card from Mom (Inside Verse)
-should be able to click and enlarge those if needed-

Dumb photo of a "Toasty" Me Wearing Sombrero
by Uncle Richie (Mr. J)

We had gone out to the little Mexican place right around the corner from our house. I decided to have myself a couple of Margaritas and enjoy. The Mexican waiter tried to offer me free dessert but I refused (if you can believe I refused sugar), but then he insisted on buying me a birthday drink. He brought me a flaming shot of grenadine. I almost couldn't blow the thing out, and then they gave me a straw, I drank the shot, it burned all the way down (urrk). I got toasty, but of course Mr. J got drunk... in fact, drunker than he has been in a while. He had more fun on my birthday than I did. Because of course, I am the one who has to deal with the effects of everyone else's drunken state, which has always been why I hate drinking. :(

Anyroad... On I Roll...

Scents that have made me reminisce lately.

  • The inside of your brown paper bag lunch (like when you were in school)
  • Coffee brewing
  • Movie popcorn

Random Thoughts (in no particular order):
  1. Who is the real "Sheriff of Nottingham", and would I find him hot like I did Alan Rickman? lol You guys from the U.K. feel free to clue me in on this one).
  2. Driver Awareness of Motorcycles - People Wake The Hell Up! I saw a guy just today nearly side-run-over by some delivery truck. He veered over, then he sped up and passed the guy and basically cussed him out with his hand gestures... as funny as that was, I still am shocked sometimes at the insensitivity of drivers to other drivers of bikes, or any vehicle... Is it really THAT crucial that you get to nowhere first you assholes??
  3. Vickie's House In Summer - I really miss being kids and miss my sister's house in summer, something about my own house reminds me of it. Her house was like my 2nd home growing up and I'll never forget... we had such wonderful times.
That's all I have to say about that (Forrest Gump).

Enjoy the rest of your day and roll on.


Jay said...

I think I'll have a couple of drinks to celebrate your birthday tonight also. I might drunk message you on Twitter. LOL ;-)

Chelly said...

The card your mother gave you is just beautiful. Lovely lady she is.

The best part about birthdays for me are reading the little notes my mum writes inside the card. She calls her writing chicken scratch too. But as you said it's the best part!

Sounds like you had a nice b-day! :)