Saturday, June 13, 2009

Irresponsible Hate Post

UUUuughhhhh!!!! It's been such a delightfully hateful day!!!

Day started out o.k... It was Friday, that was good enough for me. But then of course I was running late. Then everybody on the road decided to be a turd. There was impending rain in the weather forecast for later in the day but it decided to hit and become pretty much tornado weather... I hated that. Luckily, we didn't lose electricity although some around here did.

Anyway we ran with friends to grab a bite to eat after we were sure that the roof wasn't going to blow off, and Mom called and made me feel guilty for not having called her to say "Hey I made it home before the storm struck and all is well." Fridays are sometimes just hectic and I hadn't had time or a quiet spot to call her due to the problems we were having with the phone and internet connectivity.

All that brings me to the fact that yeah, something has been screwing up the internet connection so we had to schedule a technician. I chose the 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 slot tomorrow. You realize that if this were during the work week and you planned to be late for work to wait for a technician he would not show up until 12:00 or after on the 8-12 slot... But since it's a Saturday and I am desperately salivating over the thought of sleeping in he will arrive at 7:59 a.m.

Assuming that will be fixed, then I need to go see my Mom tomorrow night as I feel like crap for not being able to spend the night the past 2 weekends... even though I went on Sundays for a few hours each time... Should I feel so bad?? I'm doing my best... I swear I am.

So lastly, I had to run to the store, and of course everyone was still running a muck in shithead mode in the streets, and even worse since there had been treacherous weather and people with no electricity, and people with electricity had nothing to do so they were crawling the streets in search of some way of wasting time in their already meaningless existences.

Lights were out at Shnuck's so I had to drag my lazy self all the way to Walmart (like 5 more minutes of trouble, big deal eh). Walmart, without a doubt, sucks Rhino-ass. People are crowded in there like it's an apocalypse and their children are running around like loose monkeys at the zoo. One stinking kid was manning a cart with his younger turd of a brother in it, and they were speeding up and down the isles and nearly hit me. If he had hit me, I just don't know what I would've done. At one point he made it to yet another isle I was on and I looked at them devilishly and said, "You need to be careful!". I hoped I scared him, but I doubt it.

Then of course the lines were long and some stupid asshole couldn't get out of my way when I was checking out. Then he finally moved forward and I was trying to use the debit machine and he backs up and slams into the front of my cart. Then looks at me like it was my fault. When I'm trying to leave, some oblivious skank won't move so that I can get through, so I have to go around another register to get out of the hell hole.

Ooooh every day, people just make me sicker and sicker... Goodnight. End of Rant (for now).


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Other people's kids suck.

The cable company loves to annoy people. ;-)

Scarlet said...

"Shithead mode in the streets..." Well put! :)

I hope your weekend got better (it can only get better, right??).

I'm off to have spicy Mexican beer with a friend. Cheers to you!! :)

Aunt Jackie said...

@Ole Blue - Yeppers... hands down.

@Scarlet - Sounds nice. Yes it went off pretty decent... just too fast. :)