Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random Nonsense

Gonna make one of those 'who knows what' type of posts, with a lot of randomness to it today I guess. I'm late even thinking about writing because I've been busy, but here I am.

I've done a couple of adjustments to my blog, you may or may not have noticed. Edited my profile "blurb", and I adjusted the post amenities I guess, changed the verbiage back to "Alms for the poor" for comments, so spare a few for poor ol' Auntie J will ya?? Robin Hood would approve.

As well, I added the "Reactions" do-hickey, so gimme some feedback and see how that works too. Then I put my playlist back on the bottom of my sidebar. It's not on 'autoplay', but you can always peek and see what I am listening to and get an idea of my music tastes, which I have said before are quite eclectic.

I've noticed not many people have responded to "Uncle Richie Is A Wicked Wizard" story. Was it anti-entertaining? Just wondered... because I thought it to be a cool little story, and it is of course true... I will try to think up a few more things to write stories about if I can, sometimes I feel like I am boring and have run out of stories but then I have episodes that enable me to conjure one up for the masses. Different thing different days.

That's really all I have to say today without starting to bitch about the state of everything and everyone and the universe... I try to sound positive, but of course sometimes the black blood in my heart flows too abundantly to keep to myself... You will know when I am ready to bleed all over you though ;)

Until then, keep it real peeps... ain't no other way to do it.

Your hero,

PS: Don't forget about "Ask AJ"... whenever you feel the need to be in the know!


Blondie said...

You are SO my fucking hero.
And I'll take your bleeding any day.

I haven't yet read your "Uncle Rickie" story... but I'm on my way.

Love your face.

Furtheron said...

anti-entertaining? no it was Auntie-entertaining... **ROFL** noone else will but I thought that so clever