Sunday, June 07, 2009

Take The Long Way Home

Oh I am tired but in a good way. I got a lot of good riding in on Jimi this weekend, and it has been hot and sweaty out there, let me tell you! I just got home a short while ago from a little visit with my Mom and hopped in a nice hot mineral soak.

The feeling that you get when you JUST step out of the tub or shower is the greatest! I know that this is the most relaxed, and the most clean and good I am going to feel all week long... which is a little sad when you think of it going downhill like that, but it will.

Mondays always rear their ugly, good-for-nothing heads... No matter, it's just the same bad movie on repeat. We'll make it to the credits and give it applause come the next weekend. (If we're all lucky to make it).

The Nose Knows...

I have to go on a little bit about my motorcycle riding, because the sensations I enjoy when riding are just about all that does get me through the week. I love to smell the freshly cut grass, and the warm summer breeze, the divine smell of the leaves on those heroic wise trees that are our elders, and they speak to me as I pass. I love the smell of smoke from various cook-outs and of course the honeysuckle. I could do without the roadkill, but I can hold my nose for 5 seconds without much consequence. Just being there, lungs full of nature and freedom take away the stress, even if only for the 30 minutes or hour that I am en route to my destination.

I have always been a "joy rider" and my bike still brings out the want in me and my love affair with the country back road. It has always been my philosophy that whenever possible one must allow themselves to take "The Long Way Home".

Norah Jones singing "The Long Way Home"


Furtheron said...

long way home... makes me think too often my only concern is the speed of the journey getting from a to b as soon as possible and missing so much on the journey. THis weekend was like that 600 mile round trip to get my sons belongings back from uni... we forgot him :-) It was all 80 mph on motorways, some smaller roads in Wales but hardly any stops or taking in the scenery... however the scenery in Wales wasn't visible due to cloud and rain like you wouldn't believe, we were stuck behind some guy called Noah with his Ark for a bit :-)

g-man said...

I too like the ride or drive just for the sake if moving and not necessarily going anywhere. There are times I wish I had a bike so I could just ride.

Jay said...

I've always been a fan of just taking off and going for a drive with no real idea of where I'm going. Just drive around on back roads and see the scenery. It's very relaxing. And I do my best thinking while driving too.

Mariposa said...

Long way home...makes me miss the farm of my grandparents!